Mesopatamian Ziggurat

A ziggurat "to build on a raised area" is a temple tower of the ancient Mesopotamian valley and Iran, having the form of a terraced pyramid of successively receding stories.

Ziggurats were a form of temple common to the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians of ancient Mesopotamia.The earliest examples of the ziggurat date from the end of the third millennium BCE and the latest date from the 6th century BCE.

Built in receding tiers upon a rectangular, oval, or square platform, the ziggurat was a pyramidal structure. Sun-baked bricks made up the core of the ziggurat with facings of fired bricks on the outside. The facings were often glazed in different colors and may have had astrological significance.

The number of tiers ranged from two to seven, with a shrine or temple at the summit. Access to the shrine was provided by a series of ramps on one side of the ziggurat or by a spiral ramp from base to summit.

Notable examples of this structure include the Great Ziggurat of Ur and Khorsabad in Mesopotamia.

The Mesopotamian ziggurats were not places for public worship or ceremonies. They were believed to be dwelling places for the gods. Through the ziggurat the gods could be close to mankind and each city had its own patron god.

Only priests were permitted inside the ziggurat and it was their responsibility to care for the gods and attend to their needs. As a result the priests were very powerful members of Sumerian society.

There are 32 known ziggurats near Mesopotamia. Four of them are in Iran, and the rest are mostly in Iraq. The most recent to be discovered was Sialk, in central Iran.

One of the best preserved ziggurats is Choqa Zanbil in western Iran, which has survived despite the devastating eight year Iran-Iraq war of the 1980's in which many archeological sites were destroyed.

The Sialk, in Kashan, Iran, is the oldest known zigurrat, dating to the early 3rd millennium BCE.

Ziggurat designs ranged from simple bases upon which a temple sat, to marvels of mathematics and construction which spanned several terraced stories and were topped with a temple.


The Human Biogenetic Experiment

Extraterrestrial abductions are often reported in the same family, or bloodline, generation after generation as if part of a biogenetic experiment where human DNA is being altered fro an end result, perhaps a more evolved human. Reality is about bloodlines and information encoded in our DNA. Much of what we consider past or parallel lives are genetic memories within our bloodline. In some families alien abductions are part of what they are here in physical bodies to experience. It is programmed into their experience.

There are often DNA genetic markers for these members within the soul group. These are referred to as biogenetic implants, in some cases looking like the fibonacci spiral. One may view this as being bio-genetically created, tagged and watched.

What was Yahweh trying to do when he wanted to create mankind. What was the plan he wanted mankind to learn. Why did Yahweh create us, Many of these reasons appeal to me when learning about Atlantis the orignal Eden.Before we consider our subject, let’s take a look at why some things are so hard to believe when they are told to us. In fact, some things seem so strange to us that we immediately put them out of our minds as being completely wrong. Suppose, for instance, to use an actual example from history around the year 1492, that when a person is a small child he is told that the earth is flat. All during his childhood his parents, teachers, and friends always refer to the earth as flat.

In college his professors tell him that the earth is flat. Then, should someone come along and tell him that the earth is not flat, but round like a globe, contrary to what everyone else has told him, what would he think? He would think that the person telling him the truth was totally in error. He would not be able to accept the truth, for the truth would seem so strange and impossible to him. This point is of extreme importance; for until we realize that we have largely been raised and educated in an atmosphere of incorrect theories and outright lies, we will not be able to accept the truth. The Bible tells us in Revelation 12:9 that everyone on earth has been deceived. “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world,With this in mind, let us consider where the dinosaurs came from and how they became extinct.

When God created man, he was over twice as tall as he is today. “There were giants in the earth in those days;” (Genesis 6:4). Before Noah’s flood, mankind lived to be nearly 1000 years old, and he had an intelligence much greater than our intelligence today. Think what a person could accomplish under these conditions, having a useful life span of hundreds of years. Science and technology would advance very rapidly. Machines and other devices would rapidly become extremely sophisticated. All fields of science would progress with astonishing speed. In fact, we, today, are just now approaching the level of technology the people enjoyed before the flood. The Bible says that at the end of our world, conditions will be just like they were before the world was destroyed by the flood. “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” (Luke 17:26). And don’t forget that Adam and Eve had a tremendous advantage over us in their education. They were educated by God himself.

Just as men are doing today, before the flood they were experimenting with DNA, genes, and genomes. They were trying to create life, to create clones, just as people are trying to do today. They were cloning and biologically engineering many of the life forms that God created, and they were very successful at it. Perhaps some of this cloning and genetic engineering got a little out of hand, and creatures were produced that raised havoc with other life forms. Dinosaurs were the result of some of this cloning and genetic engineering. In our day, dinosaur footprints have been found with very large human footprints alongside, showing that humans were contemporaries with dinosaurs.When it was time for Noah and his family to go into the ark, the animals assembled and went into the ark also. Why didn’t God take animals like the dinosaurs into the ark? Only the animals that God created went into the ark. The animals that resulted from cloning and biological engineering were not taken into the ark. These animals perished in the world-wide flood.
To get a glimpse of the technology the ancients enjoyed, get the book by Rene Noorbergen entitled Secrets of the Lost Races. This book had been out of print, but it is again available from Amazon.

ATLANTIS-The legend of Atlantis has Intrigued mankind for thousands of years. Atlantis is said to have been a fantastically advanced civilization with a highly developed technology. From what we just read, the only civilization that existed in the past with this kind of technology was the civilization that existed before Noah’s flood. Evidence of this technology can be found world-wide. The civilization that existed before the flood was the Atlantis that people are searching for today. At the flood, the entire topography of the earth was changed, so that much of what existed before the flood is now buried beneath mountains.


Obelisk Mystery At Karnak

Did ancient egyptians or hebrews use these obelisk for star gate taveling. We still wonder how the ancient Egyptians raised giant obelisks in the desert and how stone age men and women moved huge cut stones and placed them in position in dolmens and passage graves. The obelisk of karnak is engraved with every Zodiac symbol of the ancient egyptian astrology. So this could mean that they knew about time travel. Did they go inside a the stone obelisk and sit in a chair with instruments and visit other worlds.
mysteries will continue...


Graham Hancock's : Ancient Astronomers

The Nazca lines in Peru are the biggest drawings in the world. So big, we can only view them complete from the air. Etched in the desert at least two thousand years ago, they must be of a civilization of astronomers. They turn out to be ground maps of the stars, exact representations of the night sky.

Graham Hancock's decipherment of the secret doctrine passed down by initiates from time immemorial unearths an age-old system obsessed with the motions of the heavenly bodies ...
Whose aim is to achieve, through arcane rituals performed in temples whose layout mirror the stars and constellations of the night-sky, immortality.

Graham Hancock takes a plunge into the spirituality of the ancients - to search for the revelation of a secret ...

- a secret written in the language of astronomy, and recorded in the very foundations of the holy sites of ancient man.

- a secret which speaks of a mysterious connection between earth and heaven.

- a secret which turns temples into stars and men into gods.


The Flood

Most people do not believe in the Biblical story of Noah because of a basic problem: How could a few people gather ALL the animals, feed and care for them on board a ship for months? The answer comes from...who controlled the Earth thousands of years ago? The angels (the humans with the technology) built the Arks, collected the animals and caused the rains. The chosen animals were probably the best examples of their specie and worthy of being saved. It is scientifically possible to place a life form in suspended animation reduced down to its DNA. This was the cargo within the Arks. The samples of DNA would be revived, later, after the waters receded. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention that Noah went out and gathered each animal. It only says Noah brought them into the Ark. If the 'life cannisters' were all assembled for the Noahs by the gods and the simple people merely carried them in and secured them in place, then this does explain the Noah story.

During these ancient times, there were mad scientists (angel-demons) who cloned anything they wanted. The mythological animals were real; they were genetic experiments. Also, wars of the gods occurred. Nuclear warfare was not beyond the capability of the angels. Robert Oppenheimer, creator of modern atomics and a student of early books of India, knew that nuclear wars happened in the Old World. The deserts of today are the result of ancient, atomic wars. Assuming that these conclusions are true: The Great Flood was probably green-lighted by good gods who wanted to reduce high radiation levels. Also...the perverted creatures and their power-crazed, genetic engineers needed to be eliminated on a global scale. The Earth was a mess and needed to be wiped clean.

There was a Great Flood that covered all of the land. Sea shells were found on top of Mount Everest. There is water erosion on the Sphinx. All land is a sedimentary deposit. Many Noahs sailed during Waterworld. The Chinese have their old stories of an Ark and a Great Deluge. Numerous indian cultures have their legends of a Flood, a Noah and an Ark.

The world began again. In Genesis, it says that after the Flood: Noah went to live with the 'gods.' This was one of the few plural references that survived the editors of the Bible. The reference 'gods' was later changed to the singular 'God.' The simplified term was changed to accommodate a world that had become extremely simple.


Amenhotep III Stone Giant Out Of Order

Colossi of Memnon; Amnehotep III; The giant statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III at the entrance to his mortuary Temple, Luxor, Egypt, West Bank, with the Theban mountain in the background. The thing is why? Are these 2000 stone giants sitting in the middle of the desert. Now way a homo sapien man built that. It was giants with the help of aliens that pushed for these grand designs of Amenhotep III statues to be built. Another theory is that maybe it used to be a small city surrounding these two giant megalithes and when the temples fall the statues is the only that survived the quakes or desert storms.


Ancient Unfinised Obelisk

Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan, Egypt This obelisk appears to have been abandonned after being fractured during extraction from its bed in the quarry. Its weight is estimated at 1250 tons - c. 2000 BC,The unfinished obelisk one of the most famous stones left behind is the Unfinished Obelisk, more than twice the size of any known obelisk ever raised. Quarrymen apparently abandoned the obelisk when fractures appeared in its sides. However, the stone, still attached to bedrock, gives important clues to how the ancients quarried granite. Much of the red granite used for ancient temples and colossi came from quarries in the Aswan area (500 miles south of Cairo). The Unfinished Obelisk still lies where a crack was discovered as it was being hewn from the rock. Possibly intended as a companion to the Lateran Obelisk, originally at Karnak, now in Rome, it would have measured 120-feet and weighed over 1150 tons when complete.


Tiahuanaco, Pyramid of The Sun

Tiahuanaco is a city teeming with mysteries. Here, archaeologists founds an accurate calendar that gave the equinoxes, astronomical seasons and the positions of the moon at every hour. This is from 27,000 years ago. Also at Tiahuanaco, one can find huge sandstone blocks with accurate stonework on it, in seemingly impossible ways. There is also a Great Idol at the Old Temple, and the Gate of the Sun shows 'flying Gods' on it. Tiahuanaco also holds a legend of flying ships from the stars

Teotihuacan was the largest-known pre-Columbian city in the Americas, and the name is also used to refer to the civilization this city dominated, which at its greatest extent included much of Mesoamerica.

Tiahuanaco is a city teeming with mysteries. Here, archaeologists founds an accurate calendar that gave the equinoxes, astronomical seasons and the positions of the moon at every hour. This is from 27,000 years ago.

Also at Tiahuanaco, one can find huge sandstone blocks with accurate stonework on it, in seemingly impossible ways. There is also a Great Idol at the Old Temple, and the Gate of the Sun shows 'flying Gods' on it. Tiahuanaco also holds a legend of flying ships from the stars.


Life On Mars

See I always told people aliens are real and they look like us and that the greys are robots. Look at this photo that was leaked by the Asian nation. The photo was taking by a American Sattlite which the government tryed to hide but I guess th governments games are coming to a end.

Is it Bigfoot? A Tusken Raider from the first "Star Wars" movie? Or just a rock?

British newspapers went crazy Wednesday morning about an image from Mars that appears to show a humanoid figure descending a shallow hillside.

The "alien" is actually a blurry detail in a huge panoramic photograph snapped on the edge of Mars' Gusev crater by NASA's Spirit rover in early November, and posted on NASA's Web site on Jan. 2.

Naturally, it took the Photoshop skills of dedicated bloggers to find the "humanoid. But then you never really know around this time of life it could be a man coming from out of a base.


Extraterrestrial Stonehenge Mystery

My theory is that ancient european men were making contact with the alien beings as they shewed in the sky riding upon glowing metallic spaceships that gave signs back to the ancient europeans.Stonehenge dates back over 4,000 years ago. A ancient legend says that stonehenge came to be when dancing giants became stones.

Following the stone computer, came the erection of the 30 upright stones that formed the Sarsen Circle, 100 feet in diameter. (My question was why 30? I divided 360 degrees by 30 and discovered the number 12. The number 12 is one of the most important numbers in the Anunnaki civilization…their Pantheon consisted of the Twelve Great Anunnaki gods, they declared 12 months in one year-2 twelve hour parts of each day, they created the 12 signs of the Zodiac. These Sarsen uprights are harder than granite and weigh 25 tons each. They were quarried at Marlborough Downs using tools not locally available at that time, and then transported these huge stones over 20 miles to this site.


Time Travel

Time travel is the concept of traveling forward and backward to different points in time, much as we do through space.

Unsolved problems in physics: Is time travel theoretically possible? Is it practically possible? If so, what are we to make of the time travel paradoxes, such as going back in time and killing one's own grandfather, etc.?

Humans are in fact always traveling in time ­ in a linear fashion, from the present to the immediate future, inexorably, until death.

Some theories are predicated on the fact that we move forward in time, and both forward and backward in space. Since time and space have been shown to be intrinsically linked, travelling forwards and backwards through time is not a theoretical impossibility.

Currently, traveling at speeds approaching the speed of light can cause time dilation, the effects of which cause the individual traveling to pass through time more slowly. From the perspective of the traveler, external time would be going much faster, causing the traveler, upon stopping, to arrive at a place farther in the future.

Often it is a plot device used in science fiction and many movies and television shows to set a character in a particular time not their own, and explore the character's interaction with the people and technology of that time - as a kind of culture shock.

Other ramifications explored are change and reactions to it, parallel universes, and alternative history where some little event took place or didn't take place, but causes large changes in the future.

In physics, the concept of time travel has been often used to examine the consequences of physical theories such as special relativity, general relativity and quantum mechanics.

There is no experimental evidence of time travel, and it is not even well understood whether (let alone how) the current physical theories permit any kind of time travel. Although theories do exist about the possiblity of folding time to hop from one point to another .


Sirius Mystery

The Inundation of the Nile

The Dog Star Sirius appears, and the sacred star of Antinous begins to approach its zenith in the night sky of the northern hemisphere. The appearance of the Dog Star once announced the rise of the Inundation of the Nile, though it no longer does due to the precession of the Equinox, which is the slight alteration of the position of the stars.

After the Death and Deification of Sirius, the Nile responded by rising miraculously after two successive years of severe drought. It was on this day, in the year 131 that the ancient Egyptians recognized that Antinous was a god, nine months after his death, following their custom of deifying those who drowned in the Nile, whose sacrifice insured the life-giving flood.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, it is part of the constellation Canis Major, or the big dog, which is the hunting dog of Orion. Mystically, Sirius and the constellation Canis Major is Antinous Master of Hounds and Orion is Hadrian the Hunter.

The position of Orion, along the banks of the Milky Way, our galaxy in relation to Sirius is a mirror image of Pyramids along the bank of the Nile, which is the same relationship as Antinoopolis to the Nile, with the Via Hadriani, the road which Hadrian built across the desert to the East, linking the Nile with the Red Sea�Rome to India. We consecrate the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer to the advent of the Egyptian deification of Antinous and the miracle of the Inundation of the Nile.


Encohian Wisdom & Alchemy

Great Pyramid Statistics This is the blocked room where Enoch's ancient text could be hiding if we could only move the 2,000 ton boulder then we could maybe know more bout our creation, I mean anything could be in thier.

The Great Pyramid at Giza, was not designed by Pharaoh but by Enoch, the man who walked with Yahweh. (Read the 'Book of Enoch' Genesis 5: 24). Egyptian laborers were used but the intelligence in the exact design came from the DESIGNER of the Universe, and that's what Enoch passed on to the builders of the Great Pyramid. It was not a mere burial tomb for a dead Pharaoh, but was meant to show 'in stone' the Timeline of Mankind until the 2nd Coming of the King of Kings. (SEE Great Pyramid Time Prophecy). This is why; it incorporates the dimensions of the Earth, Moon, and the template of life called the Golden Section which the Creator used in both the microcosm as well as the macrocosm (SEE Golden Section Graphics).

And therefore of all the 'Seven Wonders of the World' only the Great Pyramid has been preserved by Yahweh as a witness to His Greatness, design and TIMING until the END. None of the others have been preserved and remain, only the GREAT PYRAMID of Yahweh.

And it is because Enoch was the master builder, that the Great Pyramid in ancient times was called "Enoch's Pillar". His godly influence as a desert shepherd in turning the Pharaoh's heart temporarily to Yahweh ruled, before the Egyptian rulers reverted back to their worship of many gods. Enoch's Pillar was placed exactly as a boundary and cornerstone in Egypt, as only the Creator of the whole world would have known.

For as Isaiah said. In that day shall there be an altar to Yahweh in the MIDST of the land of Egypt and a PILLAR at the BORDER thereof to Yahweh. Isaiah 19: 20

For the Great Pyramid was not just a stone structure stuck randomly on the plateau of Giza. Yahweh's PILLAR, the Great Pyramid of Giza, is situated exactly at the center of gravity of the Earth, as geographers and mathematicians have now found out. For do remember that the Earth at one time was just one land mass, which the Lord later divided and spread apart, not by inch by inch continental drift, but by cataclysmic power after the Flood. (SEE Geography Mysteries, Adam to Flood Timeline and Continental Drift )

Consequently the Giza location is also on the longest possible landmass line whether in longitude or latitude. And hence any true researcher has to come to the conclusion that the Great Pyramid's very location was divinely inspired and NOT chosen by accident or chance.

And similarly, this type of boundary marker of the Lord, was NOT just done in Giza, but even the Children of Israel were instructed to build one as a WITNESS to succeeding generations. (SEE Joshua 22 ) Similarly, even the angels that preceded the FALL built a 500 foot high pyramid as an altar unto the Creator. (SEE Cydonia Pyramid on Mars). Again this height being consistent with the height of Giza, and the height of even Glastonbury Tor, all miniatures of the Greatest Temple of ALL, the phi designed, Crystal Pyramid of Eternity, New Jerusalem. (SEE New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid)

And if you study pyramidology, you will soon discover that an inch equals a year in time by theory. And that theory accurately and precisely parallels the exact history of the Earth when you add up all the 500 feet of both its height and its passageways. Why because 500 feet equals 6000 inches which equals 6000 years.

And Enoch stated very precisely that there was going to be Seven thousand years before the Earth was renewed. And when you take away one thousand years, for the Yahweh's Millennial rule before this NEW HEAVEN and NEW Earth, and descent of New Jerusalem to the Earth, then that leaves us with a 6,000 year rule of man. Hence the Pillar of Enoch was a n exact prophetic marker and WITNESS as well as an altar, from which His people were to give glory and honor to the Creator. And that is why, internally it's dimensions and sarcophagus parallels the most sacred Temple of All, the TABERNACLE consisting of The ARK of the Covenant inside the HOLY OF HOLIES. The parallels are exact because the Lord is exact. (SEE Ark and Sacrophagus)

But in case you still don�t believe after what you have studied and researched so far. Do notice that as you proceed in time down the ascending passage way of the Great Pyramid to the Flood of Noah, and upwards to the Messiah and the start of the Grand Gallery, and then onto the Great Step, you pass thru the Ante Room. (SEE Frequency Corelation of 29 Steps) And what is the dimension of this room before you enter into the King's Chamber. It's circular circumference touching each side and floor is 365.24 inches. And when you change this revolution in inches into time, you get 365 years which is the exact length of Enoch's life while here on Earth. (SEE Genesis 5: 23) And when you convert every inch into a day, you get 365.24 days which is the exact number of days it takes the Earth to travel around the SUN (SEE Tabernacle of the SUN) And so with these measurements you have the confirmation from the Lord that Enoch was the man He sent to design His temple and Boundary, and WITNESS, and they have called this circumference, 'ENOCH'S CIRCLE'


Sumerian Grey Droids

This information poses an interesting Hypothesis that the "Annunaki" are the GODS as described by the Sumerians, and they had "Android Beings" helping them.

Today's modern UFO's and Alien Contacts being reported have a strong similarity to the Ancient descriptions of the "anunnaki" Android Beings. When we look at the descriptions of our modern "grey alien", we can clearly see that they do not look like us, or the anunnaki. Rather, they look like the ancient humanoid depictions of Figurines. The majority of Abduction cases usually have a similar story to them in that the Aliens abducting them will perform medical experience and sometimes experiments having to do with human reproduction.

The Sumerian Culture, which dates back to 6,000 BC, is the oldest known culture on Earth. Even today we still use the same Mathematical system, Calendar, and Time as they created it so long ago. Since we have the evidence left over today, 6,000 years later, we can see similarities between what they had then, and what we have now.

The Sumerians describe Planet X as being very far from Earth at times, (roughly 30,000,000,000) miles away at it's farthest point from us in orbit. This would make it rather difficult to travel back and forth between the two planets if separated by so much of a distance.

The Sumerians had amazing knowledge of the solar system, and of their GODS coming down to Earth. They also tell of another being that they described in our terms as "Android Beings". The Sumerians tell us that the Anunnaki had "helpers" that often performed such tasks as flying their craft , or helping with miscellaneous needs. The Sumerians directly explain that these "Helpers" were not alive, but acted as so...

Not only did they make figurines of the visitors, they also wrote down in Cuneiform text (on stone) what took place during the encounters with these "Android Beings". Their are many stories where Emissaries of GOD helped out in one way or another

Is it possible that the Greys were created by the Anunnaki as "Watchers" to oversee their experiments here on earth? If the anunnaki are the GODS spoken about in all ancient texts and even the Modern Bible, then it is possible that they could have also created an "Android Race" aside from creating humans.

Maintaining the idea that the Anunnaki really do exist on Nibiru (Planet X), and they created man using Genetic Engineering thousands of years ago, then it makes sense that they would have quite an interest in us. We might be one of their grandest experiments.

What if they also experimented with other species OFF the planet Earth. If the Anunnaki exist, then there are also MANY other races on other planets as well.

This would only be logical. Maybe the Anunnaki also used a mix between the known "ZETAS" or "GREYS" and created an Android race to serve the Anunnaki.

When we analyze the descriptions of Aliens from people who claim to have been abducted, most of the aliens are described as being small grey beings that have large eyes, a bulbous head, and act almost "Android" like.

Through the great works of scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin and Lloyd Pye, we have learned that the Anunnaki are said to have created Humans from the primitive man already here, and combined their genes with the primitive Neanderthal to create us. (In their image and after their likeness - just like the bible).


Utnapishtim's High Advanced Ark

Gilgamesh and UtnapistimThere are three major implications associated with the Ark relic, and they are meaningful to us today. The first, and probably the one of least value, is that the Ark relic verifies the various legends found in Genesis, the Epic Of Gilgaesh and various other flood tales.

Windsor asks "Was this the vessel built by Noah, and if not, who did build it?". That is a very good question, and it brings us to the relic's second major implication. It appears that it is a relic of alien design and probably construction. This conclusion is supported by the following observations:

The Nommos, an alien amphibian species, arrive in North Africa just before the Great Flood.

The reference of Utanapishtim as being the "faraway" (e.g. a Nommos) in the Epic Of Gilgamesh.

The aquatic references associated with Utanapishtim in the Epic Of Gilgamesh.

The Dogon recieve extensive astronomical knowledge about the aliens (Nommos) home star system, Sirius.

The warnings recorded in various Flood accounts imply predictability. Space mobile aliens would be aware of the celestial mechanics needed to time and locate the impact point (and places that may be flooded).

The assertion that angels (not humans) built the Ark as stated in the Book of Noah.

Aliens have played a part in the worlds religious history ( Cooper) - but not by the Greys or "human engineering".

The presence of high concentrations of titanium oxide (74%) and manganese oxide (87%) in the ballast.

The presence of (wrought?) iron fittings and rivets 2,000 years before the iron age.

An unknown technique was used to drill the holes in the anchor stones and other ancient artifacts.

The Ark was lofted (laid out full scale on land) by modern methods and made of reeds (a material likely familiar to an amphibious species). Such a vessel wouldn't be possible until steel was available (late 1800's).

The ancient lofting procedure involved making ellipses, "camber" circles to produce "parabolic-like" lines and related knowledge to generating vibration damped water flow.

The sophisticated Ark design with a Moon Pool in the proper location.

The Ark reveals alien engineering principles. Up to eight relationships between its dimensions and the "Golden Ratio" offer a new way to reduce resonate vibrations in ships and planes.

Phi (and pi) are found in the Great Pyramid of Giza, a structure whose construction still remains mysterious.

The first seven items offer evidence that non-humans built the Ark, and that an extra-terrestrial space mobile alien species of amphibians have been reported to have visited Earth at about the time of the Ark's construction. There are extensive reports of their imparting astronomical knowledge to the humans of the day, particularly that Lake Bosumtwi in Ghana was formed by a meteorite strike. Further, the Akkadian Seal (2500 BC) indicates that Vulcan was then known. The comet swarms that threaten Earth result from a simple analysis of its orbit. Further, notice that the first human use of wheeled transportation began in Samaria about 3300 - 3200 BC, around the time the Ark would have been under construction. Perhaps it was that:
The wheel and the ship's sail were the "alien technology" of their day
Cuneiform writing and astronomical knowledge about Sirius were a product of alien teaching.

The aliens then, like today, considered humans a "deceptive" species.
Note that Utanapishtim refers to mankind as if it was another (and very deceptive) species.

The Crabwood crop formation: The message: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. - broken word (EELRLJUE?) - There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. COnduit (partly damaged word) CLOSING [Bell Sound].

The History Of Crop Circles 1991. Now explain this: OPPONO ASTOS* "I oppose acts of craft and cunning."

The Sirius star system was not considered able to support life because a Naval Observatory's analysis indicated that habitable planets were impossible. But new simulations indicate such planets are possible. The Nommos are thought to be from a single "water world" orbiting (and receiving warmth from) a detected 0.05 (or 0.25?) solar mass dwarf (flare?) star, Sirius C suspected to orbit Sirius B at ~3 AU.

Items eight through ten indicate the use of advanced metallurgy. Additionally, an iron tool found in the Great Pyramid has been radiocarbon dated to about the time of the Ark's construction, 3100 BC. The Naval Observatory (and even the CIA) appear to be involved in the suppression of both the Sirius Mysery and Planet X - IRAS point discovery. Los Alamos National Laboratories knew of the Ark's titanium, and quickly moved to suppress its discovery. The Ark relic is the "smoking gun" that implicates the U.S. government in both the UFO cover- up and another to suppress knowledge of frequent dangerous comet strikes. Such a strike could cause the death of billions .

Items eleven through thirteen indicate the Ark's builders used modern ship- building techniques. The Samarians were a culture that had just discovered the wheeled vehicle. How then could they know about lofting techniques that used ellipses and parabolas? Items fourteen and fifteen deal with the extensive use of the Golden Ratio "phi" in the Ark's design. This alien technique stimulates two separate vibration modes that can be independently suppressed. It is a new alien technology that should be further investigated and could be applied to modern aircraft and naval vessels.


Orion The Giant


It is an easy matter for any one to find the three great stars in the sky that are arranged in a row, like three great diamonds sparkling on the front of a mammoth crown. They shine out, clear and bright, whenever Diana takes her silver bow, which we call the moon, and goes to hunt in her secret fields or forests. These three stars have been called Orion's Belt for thousands of years, and for ages children and grown people have watched for their coming after the sun has gone below the horizon.

The story told of Orion by the ancient Greeks has been repeated by some of our poets, and Henry W. Longfellow has written in his own beautiful way of this same famous Greek hunter who never knew fear. Perhaps you will be more interested in his poem after you have read this short account of the mighty giant whose belt of stars is longer than other giants were tall.

Orion was the son of Neptune, the god of the sea. His father gave him power to walk upon the water or to wade in the deepest ocean without drowning. You know that if he had the power of walking in such places, he did not need to swim, and his steps were so long that he could walk much faster than his swiftest enemy could run.

Orion was very fond of hunting, and wore, as his mantle or robe, the tawny skin of a huge lion he had slain. His club and his sword were his only weapons, and he needed no others, for his long arms helped him to strike before he himself could be hurt. Once he was made blind, but as he wandered by the seashore the music of the singing waves which were his father's home gave him comfort and led him to a friend who guided him to Apollo.

One bright sunbeam from Apollo's crown touched Orion's eyes and they saw more clearly than ever before. Nearly everything was Orion's friend, for with his great strength he was always ready to help those who could not help themselves. But he was so huge that many who did not know him were afraid, and one day the Pleiads, daughters of Atlas, saw him coming and they fled away so fast that they were changed into doves.

You can find the place where they alighted in the sky, just ahead of Orion. He still follows them, and his dog Sirius, who carries the famous dog star, is close at his side; but the Pleiads never allow Orion to overtake them in their long journey through the regions of the sky.

The Pleiades are so beautiful that you must learn to find them, and this cluster of six twinkling stars, "a swarm of fireflies tangled in a silver braid," will guide you in finding the belt of the mighty hunter Orion, the giant of the heavens. Four other very brilliant stars mark his shoulders and his knees.


Dream Intervention

The day I seen UFO’s It was like no other. The date was January 11, 2007 at 7:20pm I seen UFO’s, I remember going outside with my dog Yorkshire terrier named Jake. We were in the front yard I was letting him used the bathroom on the grass. I remember in my mind I thought of a Creator I learned about named Yahweh. I said to my self Yahweh please let me see a UFO.

Sure enough no lye I seen UFO’s 12 UFO’s in a row that lead of to 12-16 each in a shape of a pyramid they were heading east in a zigzagging motion. My dog was looking at the street and he seen the blue reflection from the concrete. So that’s why I know they were their for real and my mind was not playing tricks on me.

The color of these UFO’s was like the color of water at the Bahamas a clear blue with a neon glow to them. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen hopefully I see more. I did my research on this happening with me and I live in Florida and Israel lines exactly up with the place I live it you was to draw a line from here to their.

My dream I had 4 months later on May was the most strangest ever. I see why Moses was scared when it sounds like a man you con not see is speaking to you. I was sleep and I went into a dream I was in the first person view and I can see my dream about 85 % visual. I was in some type of woods walking on this kind of mountain I do not know where I was … As I dreamed on I stopped in my spot on the mountain and a bush began to glow like if rays was shooting from it.

As I looked I felt heat from this shinny place. When suddenly I heard a voice says ‘Keep Reading Those Books, You’ll Attain More Insight’ I woke up kind of scared. The next day of May I had a part two to my dream. I was sleeping in my outer body so good that I didn’t wake up in my inner body dream I was scared kind of with my mouth wide looking at this shiny place.

Then the light shined and I seen this man I seen his face and he was black and he looked like me but around the age of 45 or 55 and he had clothes like if he came from the ancient days of Egypt or Israel. His turban was like a dark blue and it was kind of sliding off his head to where I could see some of his hair. He waved to me and I waved back as I was scared I walked away kind of scared when he smiled at me and returned to the light and then I woke up again.

The coolest thing ever is that I read the Old Testament and Ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Native American and Mayan Epics and some Epics on Atlantis. The fact is that these books this voice told me to ‘Keep Reading These Books You’ll Attain More Insight’ was this voice of a man who sounded black telling me that it’s a mystery that they won’t me to understand.



Long before coming to grace the Earth with their benign presence, many angels existed in their full cosmic glory in the higher dimensional realm located in the area of space we look towards when marveling at the star cluster Pleiadies – the 7 sisters. Many still reside there as it is one of their homes and one of the few places they can actually be born into existence. From this location they are living extensions of cosmic mind and still have full cognizance of the unity of their heartbeat and the heartbeat of the absolute. Born into awareness, they soak in the energy of the universe until they are drawn to a star system that needs their unique healing talents, patience and virtue.

For those angels that have come to Earth, even remaining in the astral realms constituted by the planet’s aura and the projections of her children is an arduous journey which calls for relentless self-sacrifice. Following humanity’s progress since its inception, they are our immediate spiritual caretakers. Often they influence events to have a tendency to work out better than they might have otherwise. From avoiding accidents, to helping you find a parking spot in a busy city, they are very involved in the intimate day to day occurrences of life.

Some have even taken it upon themselves to enter into human bodies so as to have a more hands on approach to human development. Many of our master teachers were angels incarnate. After going through the densification process to enter this sphere, even angels can become forgetful of who they truly are. Often it takes another angel who has remembered their true self to help awaken another. Much lucidity is needed for this extensive downloading of information.

There are also some beings among you who used to be of high spiritual vibrations in the celestial arenas that are now using their Earthly power in a malevolent way. These fallen angels could rise again if only they would recover their connection to the universal pulse. Mistaking themselves as separate and beyond restriction, they have a blind spot in their reckoning that will ultimately lead to their demise. The good news is that life gives many opportunities for all of us to get it right.

Some of you reading this might have Pleiadian angelic heritage. Whisper to yourself, “I am Pleiadian,” and see how it feels. You have been in Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome, North America, and every major civilization. Some of you have been benevolent and some have run amok. Some have played the game of being a leader and others have gently assisted humanity from behind the scenes. Even while in the body you can recover your astral wings. Then when you drop the body, you can fly anywhere in the universe.



I recently came cross this I seen these on the Chariots Of The God dvd and many other books and things. Legends says that Giants modified these statues called the Moai to give the location of the constellation of the Plieades because thats where the giants left in thier spaceships. These stones are 2,000 pound or more eatch and they are said to be 2,000 year old and they stand 30 feet tall. Thats the same hieght as a homo erectus giant. Boats couldn't have brought these here nor a horse pulling a wagon because thiers no place spotted for 1400 miles.

Another theory I came across it is said that two prophets who lived around the time of 70 ad had these robot looking statues moved on thier own. Legend also says the two prophets left with the Rapanui never being seen again.Spaceships were probably seen alot around that time in the ancient days when premitive man was in contact with alien beings on a regular bases.More and more people with real connections to extraterrestrials are coming out with information that repeats the same theme, and it seems that UFOs and extraterrestrials abound in South America in the most famous sites where civilization seems to have started in that hemisphere.


Zep Tepi

Along with the list of mythological gods we find encoded in the grid stories of the creation of the human experiment, we also find the Zep Tepi. As with all legends, this is metaphoric in content, a connection between the Atlantean grid program and the ancient Egypt grid.

Within the void called Time and Space there are those who move from reality to reality creating the programs in which souls experience. They move through the place known as Zero Point , where matter and antimatter merge to create new realities. It is the place where positive and negative collide to destroy matter and recreate new.

It is a place of awakening and a place of forgetfulness. It is the beginning and the end of all and everything. It is the home of the creational forces, those who bend and shape realities through sound, light and color. The term Zep, Zipper, closing and opening, rips in time, movement through space time, DNA as a polymer or encoded DNA.

Zep Tepi is Genesis. Zep means Time. Tepi means First. Together they are the 'First Time' or the Golden Age (Alchemy) where the gods moved through the Void and created the grid of our reality. We know them as the Pantheon of Egyptian Gods, Ptah, Ra, Su, Geb, Set, Osiris, (associated with Orion, god of resurrection and rebirth,) Horus, Ma'at , and Thoth who came to this realm, loosely based on the precession of the equinoxes, approximately 12,500 year ago, give or take a few hundred years.

Their sacred message was allegedly recorded in the Emerald Tablet of Thoth the Atlantean who, as the God, Tehuti, was the ruler of Atlantis for an unspecified period of time, coming and going through the story of its existence.

At Zep Tepi, the constellation Orion acknowledged as the most significant constellation to the ancient Egyptians, was at its lowest position in the southern sky. From Zep Tepi onward, precession of the equinoxes has been gradually carrying Orion/Osiris higher and higher in the sky. The Sphinx is positioned such that in 10,500 BC - time of Zep Tepi - give or take a few hundred years, a remarkable astronomical arrangement of the Sun, Orion, and the constellation of Leo occurred. Leo, Lion, Crown, King.Orion=Star Gate=SG=Sacred Geometry

During the fabled First Time, Zep Tepi, when the gods ruled in their country, they said it was a golden age during which the waters of the abyss receded, the primordial darkness was banished, and humanity, emerging into the light, was offered the gifts of civilization.
They spoke also of intermediaries between gods and men called the Urshu, a category of lesser divinities whose title meant 'the Watchers'. And they preserved particularly vivid recollections of the gods themselves, puissant and beautiful beings called the Neteru who lived on earth with humankind and exercised their sovereignty from Heliopolis and other sanctuaries up and down the Nile.

Some of these Neteru were male and some female but all possessed a range of supernatural powers which included the ability to appear, at will, as men or women, or as animals, birds, reptiles, trees or plants. Paradoxically, their words and deeds seem to have reflected human passions and preoccupations. Likewise, although they were portrayed as stronger and more intelligent than humans, it was believed that they could grow sick - or even die, or be killed - under certain circumstance."

The ancient Egyptians left records describing the Zep Tepi as actual historic peoples who were very advanced and came to the Nile valley from the south and proceeded to civilize and rule over the native peoples. This group of people known as Zep Tepi were survivors of disaster in their former home and sought safety and a new life in the Nile valley. It is they, according to the Egyptian records that built the Great Sphinx and the Pyramid complex at Giza.

- Graham Hancock - Fingerprints of the Gods

The Conscious Alliance

The most inspiring poster that I have. The reason why the world is and how to defeat the world in the inner mind. How to become seperate from the world you see threw tv. How to think and releave your mind like the ancient prophets and scientist.


The Chariots from the Heavens

A Clay tablet found in Kuyunjik, belonging to the Assyrian King Ashurbanipal holds a huge story. The story involves interbreeding, the development of these humans and an encounter plus a travel in a spaceship as well. The story also includes the flood. This same story is present in Babylonian texts and in Tiahuanaco as well.

What were these aliens trying to do with us? There was, to some extent, interaction, yet they stayed above us. We revered them, as Gods, while the whole time, they may have just been playing God.

The Eskimos have stories of Gods that brought forth the tribes of today. The Mayans have the same legend, and it's called "Popol Vuh." In addition, the Gods knew of a round Earth. How did they know? Not only the Mayans, but the Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians have similar stories.

The Mahabharata is the largest poem-epic ever written. It tells of weapons of mass destruction that were very similar to H-Bombs of today. Not only that, but the Gods flew in flying machines of great maneuvering capabilities.

Who put these ideas into their heads?

Another observation made on each culture is the obsession with the concept of immortality and rebirth. Slaves voluntarily laid down next to their masters graves, eagerly awaiting the next life. One can see this everywhere.

Who put these ideas into their heads?

Almost all the cultures around the world have a 'promise of return.' The Spaniards were told of this when they went to South America. Some religions might even call it the Day of Judgment, through the twists in ideas that time brings. Don't forget that the thousands of years passing by here may merely be a few years for these intergalactic travelers.

In the river Nile, there is a famous Island of Elephantine. There are no hills on the island upon which one could climb up and get that impression. Viewed from the air, the island resembles an Elephant. How did the Egyptians know?

The Egyptians also had a calendar based upon the rise of Sirius, with calculations for 32,000 years. What's confusing about this is that Sirius is visible in the early dawn, only during the Nile floods.

Crop Circles

Our experience and our reaction to all things beautiful is made possible by our unique ability to subconsciously recognize geometric order from transitory chaos. At this level, the perfection inherent in a Greek temple or a painting by Da Vinci is not simply because it is made of a particular material or hue but because the harmonic proportions contained in their design are bound by the laws of sacred geometry, which is itself the embodiment of harmonic waves of energy, melody and universal proportion. What our senses respond to is the geometrical and proportional harmonies and wave forms created through the application of sacred geometry.

As stated in Islam, and echoed in all Abrahamic and Hindu religions, sacred geometry provides the means to see the vestiges of God and Its multiplicity in the universal order of things. Remarkably, the arabic religion still contains at its core one of the last unadulterated vestiges of primordial truth. Its mosques and art forms, as well as its latter-day architecture still incorporate many of the keys to the structure of the cosmos, symbols of the archetypal world as a creation of God.

Indeed, intellectual Islam is to be commended for the way in which it has preserved a mathematical philosophy "akin to the Pythagorean-Platonic tradition of antiquity but in a totally sacred universe free of the nationalism and rationalism which finally stifled and destroyed the esoteric traditions of Greek intellectuality." Therefore it is not by accident that we see in Islamic art the very symbols which reflect the heart of matter.

As the last of the universal revelations- or religions- it is important to note that Islam has served as the curator of sacred geometry rather than its originator. It's not certain where the terrestrial origins of this knowledge stems from but its forms are evident throughout the yantras and mandalas of Hindu, Tibetan and Buddhist art, Celtic carvings and book adornment, even in native North American sand paintings.

The earliest known proprietors of sacred geometry were the Egyptians who embedded its secrets in the ground plans of their temples, their frescoes and, most blatantly, in the Gizeh pyramid which single-handedly contains most of the fundamental universal laws that many a tortured schoolchild now attributes to Pythagoras. Although these enlightened people used geometry for all manner of terrestrial applications- hence the word 'geo-metry' or 'measure of the earth'- the aim was metaphysical in nature.

Because sacred geometry reflected the universe, its pure forms and dynamic equilibriums shared a higher purpose: the attainment of spiritual wholeness through self-reflection, thereby giving structural insight into the workings of the inner self. In other words, a way for the intuitive mind to find a reason for its existence: by journeying inwards, away from the three-dimensional world and towards fewer and more comprehensive ideas and principles. As the renowned geometer Robert Lawlor observes, " the implicit goal of this education was to enable the mind to become a channel through which the 'earth' (the level of manifested form) could receive the abstract, cosmic life of the heavens. The practice of geometry was an approach to the way in which the universe is ordered and sustained. Geometric diagrams can be contemplated as still moments revealing a continuous, timeless, universal action generally hidden from our sensory perception. Thus a seemingly common mathematical activity can become a discipline for intellectual and spiritual insight."

As a mirror of the heavens sacred geometry was liberally applied across the Egyptian landscape for millennia as a way to bestow universal order on Earth, as reflected in their Hermetic maxim 'As Above, So Below'.

Consequently the practice of maintaining concrete records of this knowledge for posterity was reenacted throughout Europe in fabulous structures such as Chartres cathedral, one of the most impressive hymns to sacred geometry, and whose dissection alone has filled entire books.

That this knowledge made its way as far north as the British Isles can be clearly seen in the ground plans and blueprints of megalithic monuments, mediaeval cathedrals, and the plethora of stone circles. It is clear, therefore, that whatever lies behind sacred geometry was important enough for scholars to go to enormous lengths to preserve it for future generations.


Theories On Extraterrestrials

Also look foward on sci-fi channel at seeing Steven Spilbergs tv show called Taken based on Alien Abductions. From the time when I learned about Steven Spilberg I was young and my mom had me watching Men In Black and movies like Independence Day.

From thier I knew I was into Aliens and Spaceships and many things at a very early age. I have bought many alien based movies like Jodie Foster in Contact. When they make contact with the galaxy she see's her dad on another planet just like Enoch said in the Book of Enoch when he was taken by the gods.

I have also seen the 2002 movie starrring mel gibson called signs. The movie is about aliens who leave traces of crop circles in the field where mel gimbson and his family lives. When these being land these spaceships they come into people homes and they posin them then they leave. My theory is this movie is a perfect example of Revelations 9.

Steven Spilberg is one of my favorite directors/producers he makes some of the best alien sci-fi movies. From War of the Worlds to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
He now has a hit show starring Elle Fanning based about people being abducted by alien greys. The show has been out for atleast 4 years now. You shoould defently check it out. You can buy all the seasons at at amazon.

I am glad that I am alive to see and be able to learn I mean America is not too great but you have to learn how to stive on a stolen man's land. Also I am glad and happy that I beleive the way I do and what I beleive.

The best thing the creator gave man was brains and I beleive we got brians from the Creator of all sending the gods the sons of him like Kukukalkan,Quetzocoalt,Melchizedek,Micheal and Garbryl to teach ancient man,So they we can carry on our forefathers tradtions and beleiefs.


Alien Contact Part I

The Chariots of Yahweh are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: Yahweh is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place. -Psalm 68:17

This is a documentary on aliens and how they frequent with the earth. Is life in other constellations. I beleive life exist in other constellations, I beleive that the extraterrestrials are the angels of Yahweh the creator.Also that when the messiah come back he will come back with other angels detailing in other spaceships. They will destory America and all other evil governments who has been posing threats to the world for far too long.

When these gods arrive they will be wearing white linen robes and crowns of gold. They will come back to rise up the tribes that were nothing to the first world.
They will destory parts of the world then recreate it.

Just like they have did in the Ancient Days when our forefathers sinned against Yahweh and the angels. So Yahweh send a flood that happend 40 days and 40 nights.He will send his messiah back to exucate judgement during that day when the government trys to exsteriminate all human races in America exspecially.

Planet Where The Gods Dwell

My theory is that first aliens do not live in our constellation. I believe aliens or extraterrestrials live in many different constellations famous and biblical constellations as Orion, Bear and Pleiades as seen in Job 9:9. They have a sun just like or sun and planets that orbit the sun .

With the sun in it's outer orbit of the planets. These beings are here to conlonize planet earth and take control of this earth. It's 2007 and these beings said in the bible that they will be back soon to take control of all goverments and all the havoc on the world. On these planets that these beings share and have.

They have homes,land,cities,villages,temples almost everything we have but thiers is more advanced. I beleive all biengs in the ancient cosmoses of outer space all worship a hebrew creator superhuman black being named Yahweh. Who lives on a ancient planet that he made called Aravat in the hebrew. These beings do not worship any gods they worship Yahweh they are the gods who dwell in inhabitable stars. The have no religion they just worship Yahweh.

They are monothestic and not polythestic beings. The trinity comes from the evil gaint nimrod who turned on his on people.
Yahweh and the angels and them set set signs for man to understand and once they figure it out maybe we can have contact with the angels like Micheal,Gabryl,Uriel someday.

The angels and Yahweh are fluent with pheonican hebrew but they can as well speak other laguages to contact man here on earth. On this planet they usally work in the temples he is usally with elders to help him with paper work. While the angels are at the military base on eatch planet. They have a base with 20,000 of intergalatic warship spaceships. These beings are black superhuman men.

Now the alien creatures that are seen are foretold as being seen in Revelations 9. They are here to pretty much temp the ignorant people of planet earth. These beings are here to fufill a mission programmed by the angels in the creator Yahweh's blueprints. These people our ancient families eat,sleep and many other things just like us. But they do not sin I am sure thier nerves get bad you know how people get but they do not act a fool.

Cerne Abbas Giant


In conclusion, since every human being is unique and may have slightly different proportions when compared to another, it stands to reason that:

Depictions without ‘pure’ angles are far more prevalent, their relevance being ascribed to the uniquely elongated pentagonal shape in which the human form is ‘contained’.
This elongated pentagonal shape in its simplicity is still quite unique in nature. There is nothing else that fits the shape so aptly other than the human form when it is mimicking a five pointed star.

As insignificant as the above ‘sketch’ of a naked man on a hillside in Dorset (south of Stonehenge) may seem, it was exactly this phenomenon that inspired much of Wayne’s theory on his complete ‘geometrical man’ and its subsequent implications in a much bigger picture.

He wondered if this five-sided representation of the human form could fit into the shape of the five trilithons that make up the circle at Stonehenge. The mythology and folklore associated with Stonehenge has always suggested that this mysterious stone circle holds a secret about humankind itself. So finding a theme to do with the human form not too far from it, suggested to Wayne that Stonehenge and the so called ‘Dorset giant’ could somehow be linked.

The image above is the latest associating breakthrough that really makes the Dorset man fit. Recently, New Age researchers have suggested over the internet that this ancient deity appears to be a representation of Orion! Wayne agrees and believes this finding goes hand in hand with his greater star map theory, and the cosmic 'pointer', which is so integral to his findings.

Not only does the Cerne Giant of Dorset contain the breakthrough elongated pentagon, but it further corroborates some of the author's other research. Namely, that Orion is the 'cosmic pointer' to locate the position of the sacred star, around which his book revolves.

It may not necessarily be Orion’s 'belt' that is pointing the way to something important in the heavens, but another part of the man's anatomy! Ancient scholars passing this information on from one to another would surely not have forgotten such a unique teaching mechanism. Proof supporting this bizarre interpretation can be found on page 165 of ‘The Hidden Records’.