Life On Mars

See I always told people aliens are real and they look like us and that the greys are robots. Look at this photo that was leaked by the Asian nation. The photo was taking by a American Sattlite which the government tryed to hide but I guess th governments games are coming to a end.

Is it Bigfoot? A Tusken Raider from the first "Star Wars" movie? Or just a rock?

British newspapers went crazy Wednesday morning about an image from Mars that appears to show a humanoid figure descending a shallow hillside.

The "alien" is actually a blurry detail in a huge panoramic photograph snapped on the edge of Mars' Gusev crater by NASA's Spirit rover in early November, and posted on NASA's Web site on Jan. 2.

Naturally, it took the Photoshop skills of dedicated bloggers to find the "humanoid. But then you never really know around this time of life it could be a man coming from out of a base.