The Key of Solomon

The Key of Solomon Author: King Solomon (the one in the Old Testament). Language: Ancient Hebrew (Semitic). Est. Publ.: 1000 BC. Reprinted and translated numerous times. Availability: Extremely Rare (1-3 copies known to exist today, and these may all be fraudulent). Contents: Demonology, Secret Names of God and Lucifer, Prayers, Charms and Blessings. Powers: Can be used to exorcise demons, call upon the aid of angelic powers, heal wounds, bless weapons, and shield from demonic attacks. History: The original "Key" was actually a series of scrolls, said to be kept in a sacred ark--not unlike that which contains the 10 Commandments--which was lost during Roman occupation of the Hebrews' lands. Modern copies are said to derive from a single copy made by Solomon's scribe and given to an ally king to the east (in what is now Iran). The "Second Key" was last reported during the 3rd century, supposedly in Mecca, where another copy was made and smuggled to Rome (supposedly by the Angel Azrael). That "Third Key" was copied centuries later and sent to various libraries throughout Europe. Most of these copies have been lost. No one knows if any of the Three Keys exist today.