Utnapishtim's High Advanced Ark

Gilgamesh and UtnapistimThere are three major implications associated with the Ark relic, and they are meaningful to us today. The first, and probably the one of least value, is that the Ark relic verifies the various legends found in Genesis, the Epic Of Gilgaesh and various other flood tales.

Windsor asks "Was this the vessel built by Noah, and if not, who did build it?". That is a very good question, and it brings us to the relic's second major implication. It appears that it is a relic of alien design and probably construction. This conclusion is supported by the following observations:

The Nommos, an alien amphibian species, arrive in North Africa just before the Great Flood.

The reference of Utanapishtim as being the "faraway" (e.g. a Nommos) in the Epic Of Gilgamesh.

The aquatic references associated with Utanapishtim in the Epic Of Gilgamesh.

The Dogon recieve extensive astronomical knowledge about the aliens (Nommos) home star system, Sirius.

The warnings recorded in various Flood accounts imply predictability. Space mobile aliens would be aware of the celestial mechanics needed to time and locate the impact point (and places that may be flooded).

The assertion that angels (not humans) built the Ark as stated in the Book of Noah.

Aliens have played a part in the worlds religious history ( Cooper) - but not by the Greys or "human engineering".

The presence of high concentrations of titanium oxide (74%) and manganese oxide (87%) in the ballast.

The presence of (wrought?) iron fittings and rivets 2,000 years before the iron age.

An unknown technique was used to drill the holes in the anchor stones and other ancient artifacts.

The Ark was lofted (laid out full scale on land) by modern methods and made of reeds (a material likely familiar to an amphibious species). Such a vessel wouldn't be possible until steel was available (late 1800's).

The ancient lofting procedure involved making ellipses, "camber" circles to produce "parabolic-like" lines and related knowledge to generating vibration damped water flow.

The sophisticated Ark design with a Moon Pool in the proper location.

The Ark reveals alien engineering principles. Up to eight relationships between its dimensions and the "Golden Ratio" offer a new way to reduce resonate vibrations in ships and planes.

Phi (and pi) are found in the Great Pyramid of Giza, a structure whose construction still remains mysterious.

The first seven items offer evidence that non-humans built the Ark, and that an extra-terrestrial space mobile alien species of amphibians have been reported to have visited Earth at about the time of the Ark's construction. There are extensive reports of their imparting astronomical knowledge to the humans of the day, particularly that Lake Bosumtwi in Ghana was formed by a meteorite strike. Further, the Akkadian Seal (2500 BC) indicates that Vulcan was then known. The comet swarms that threaten Earth result from a simple analysis of its orbit. Further, notice that the first human use of wheeled transportation began in Samaria about 3300 - 3200 BC, around the time the Ark would have been under construction. Perhaps it was that:
The wheel and the ship's sail were the "alien technology" of their day
Cuneiform writing and astronomical knowledge about Sirius were a product of alien teaching.

The aliens then, like today, considered humans a "deceptive" species.
Note that Utanapishtim refers to mankind as if it was another (and very deceptive) species.

The Crabwood crop formation: The message: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. - broken word (EELRLJUE?) - There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. COnduit (partly damaged word) CLOSING [Bell Sound].

The History Of Crop Circles 1991. Now explain this: OPPONO ASTOS* "I oppose acts of craft and cunning."

The Sirius star system was not considered able to support life because a Naval Observatory's analysis indicated that habitable planets were impossible. But new simulations indicate such planets are possible. The Nommos are thought to be from a single "water world" orbiting (and receiving warmth from) a detected 0.05 (or 0.25?) solar mass dwarf (flare?) star, Sirius C suspected to orbit Sirius B at ~3 AU.

Items eight through ten indicate the use of advanced metallurgy. Additionally, an iron tool found in the Great Pyramid has been radiocarbon dated to about the time of the Ark's construction, 3100 BC. The Naval Observatory (and even the CIA) appear to be involved in the suppression of both the Sirius Mysery and Planet X - IRAS point discovery. Los Alamos National Laboratories knew of the Ark's titanium, and quickly moved to suppress its discovery. The Ark relic is the "smoking gun" that implicates the U.S. government in both the UFO cover- up and another to suppress knowledge of frequent dangerous comet strikes. Such a strike could cause the death of billions .

Items eleven through thirteen indicate the Ark's builders used modern ship- building techniques. The Samarians were a culture that had just discovered the wheeled vehicle. How then could they know about lofting techniques that used ellipses and parabolas? Items fourteen and fifteen deal with the extensive use of the Golden Ratio "phi" in the Ark's design. This alien technique stimulates two separate vibration modes that can be independently suppressed. It is a new alien technology that should be further investigated and could be applied to modern aircraft and naval vessels.