Cerne Abbas Giant


In conclusion, since every human being is unique and may have slightly different proportions when compared to another, it stands to reason that:

Depictions without ‘pure’ angles are far more prevalent, their relevance being ascribed to the uniquely elongated pentagonal shape in which the human form is ‘contained’.
This elongated pentagonal shape in its simplicity is still quite unique in nature. There is nothing else that fits the shape so aptly other than the human form when it is mimicking a five pointed star.

As insignificant as the above ‘sketch’ of a naked man on a hillside in Dorset (south of Stonehenge) may seem, it was exactly this phenomenon that inspired much of Wayne’s theory on his complete ‘geometrical man’ and its subsequent implications in a much bigger picture.

He wondered if this five-sided representation of the human form could fit into the shape of the five trilithons that make up the circle at Stonehenge. The mythology and folklore associated with Stonehenge has always suggested that this mysterious stone circle holds a secret about humankind itself. So finding a theme to do with the human form not too far from it, suggested to Wayne that Stonehenge and the so called ‘Dorset giant’ could somehow be linked.

The image above is the latest associating breakthrough that really makes the Dorset man fit. Recently, New Age researchers have suggested over the internet that this ancient deity appears to be a representation of Orion! Wayne agrees and believes this finding goes hand in hand with his greater star map theory, and the cosmic 'pointer', which is so integral to his findings.

Not only does the Cerne Giant of Dorset contain the breakthrough elongated pentagon, but it further corroborates some of the author's other research. Namely, that Orion is the 'cosmic pointer' to locate the position of the sacred star, around which his book revolves.

It may not necessarily be Orion’s 'belt' that is pointing the way to something important in the heavens, but another part of the man's anatomy! Ancient scholars passing this information on from one to another would surely not have forgotten such a unique teaching mechanism. Proof supporting this bizarre interpretation can be found on page 165 of ‘The Hidden Records’.