Planet Where The Gods Dwell

My theory is that first aliens do not live in our constellation. I believe aliens or extraterrestrials live in many different constellations famous and biblical constellations as Orion, Bear and Pleiades as seen in Job 9:9. They have a sun just like or sun and planets that orbit the sun .

With the sun in it's outer orbit of the planets. These beings are here to conlonize planet earth and take control of this earth. It's 2007 and these beings said in the bible that they will be back soon to take control of all goverments and all the havoc on the world. On these planets that these beings share and have.

They have homes,land,cities,villages,temples almost everything we have but thiers is more advanced. I beleive all biengs in the ancient cosmoses of outer space all worship a hebrew creator superhuman black being named Yahweh. Who lives on a ancient planet that he made called Aravat in the hebrew. These beings do not worship any gods they worship Yahweh they are the gods who dwell in inhabitable stars. The have no religion they just worship Yahweh.

They are monothestic and not polythestic beings. The trinity comes from the evil gaint nimrod who turned on his on people.
Yahweh and the angels and them set set signs for man to understand and once they figure it out maybe we can have contact with the angels like Micheal,Gabryl,Uriel someday.

The angels and Yahweh are fluent with pheonican hebrew but they can as well speak other laguages to contact man here on earth. On this planet they usally work in the temples he is usally with elders to help him with paper work. While the angels are at the military base on eatch planet. They have a base with 20,000 of intergalatic warship spaceships. These beings are black superhuman men.

Now the alien creatures that are seen are foretold as being seen in Revelations 9. They are here to pretty much temp the ignorant people of planet earth. These beings are here to fufill a mission programmed by the angels in the creator Yahweh's blueprints. These people our ancient families eat,sleep and many other things just like us. But they do not sin I am sure thier nerves get bad you know how people get but they do not act a fool.