Alien Contact Part I

The Chariots of Yahweh are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: Yahweh is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place. -Psalm 68:17

This is a documentary on aliens and how they frequent with the earth. Is life in other constellations. I beleive life exist in other constellations, I beleive that the extraterrestrials are the angels of Yahweh the creator.Also that when the messiah come back he will come back with other angels detailing in other spaceships. They will destory America and all other evil governments who has been posing threats to the world for far too long.

When these gods arrive they will be wearing white linen robes and crowns of gold. They will come back to rise up the tribes that were nothing to the first world.
They will destory parts of the world then recreate it.

Just like they have did in the Ancient Days when our forefathers sinned against Yahweh and the angels. So Yahweh send a flood that happend 40 days and 40 nights.He will send his messiah back to exucate judgement during that day when the government trys to exsteriminate all human races in America exspecially.