Theories On Extraterrestrials

Also look foward on sci-fi channel at seeing Steven Spilbergs tv show called Taken based on Alien Abductions. From the time when I learned about Steven Spilberg I was young and my mom had me watching Men In Black and movies like Independence Day.

From thier I knew I was into Aliens and Spaceships and many things at a very early age. I have bought many alien based movies like Jodie Foster in Contact. When they make contact with the galaxy she see's her dad on another planet just like Enoch said in the Book of Enoch when he was taken by the gods.

I have also seen the 2002 movie starrring mel gibson called signs. The movie is about aliens who leave traces of crop circles in the field where mel gimbson and his family lives. When these being land these spaceships they come into people homes and they posin them then they leave. My theory is this movie is a perfect example of Revelations 9.

Steven Spilberg is one of my favorite directors/producers he makes some of the best alien sci-fi movies. From War of the Worlds to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
He now has a hit show starring Elle Fanning based about people being abducted by alien greys. The show has been out for atleast 4 years now. You shoould defently check it out. You can buy all the seasons at at amazon.

I am glad that I am alive to see and be able to learn I mean America is not too great but you have to learn how to stive on a stolen man's land. Also I am glad and happy that I beleive the way I do and what I beleive.

The best thing the creator gave man was brains and I beleive we got brians from the Creator of all sending the gods the sons of him like Kukukalkan,Quetzocoalt,Melchizedek,Micheal and Garbryl to teach ancient man,So they we can carry on our forefathers tradtions and beleiefs.