I recently came cross this I seen these on the Chariots Of The God dvd and many other books and things. Legends says that Giants modified these statues called the Moai to give the location of the constellation of the Plieades because thats where the giants left in thier spaceships. These stones are 2,000 pound or more eatch and they are said to be 2,000 year old and they stand 30 feet tall. Thats the same hieght as a homo erectus giant. Boats couldn't have brought these here nor a horse pulling a wagon because thiers no place spotted for 1400 miles.

Another theory I came across it is said that two prophets who lived around the time of 70 ad had these robot looking statues moved on thier own. Legend also says the two prophets left with the Rapanui never being seen again.Spaceships were probably seen alot around that time in the ancient days when premitive man was in contact with alien beings on a regular bases.More and more people with real connections to extraterrestrials are coming out with information that repeats the same theme, and it seems that UFOs and extraterrestrials abound in South America in the most famous sites where civilization seems to have started in that hemisphere.