Dream Intervention

The day I seen UFO’s It was like no other. The date was January 11, 2007 at 7:20pm I seen UFO’s, I remember going outside with my dog Yorkshire terrier named Jake. We were in the front yard I was letting him used the bathroom on the grass. I remember in my mind I thought of a Creator I learned about named Yahweh. I said to my self Yahweh please let me see a UFO.

Sure enough no lye I seen UFO’s 12 UFO’s in a row that lead of to 12-16 each in a shape of a pyramid they were heading east in a zigzagging motion. My dog was looking at the street and he seen the blue reflection from the concrete. So that’s why I know they were their for real and my mind was not playing tricks on me.

The color of these UFO’s was like the color of water at the Bahamas a clear blue with a neon glow to them. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen hopefully I see more. I did my research on this happening with me and I live in Florida and Israel lines exactly up with the place I live it you was to draw a line from here to their.

My dream I had 4 months later on May was the most strangest ever. I see why Moses was scared when it sounds like a man you con not see is speaking to you. I was sleep and I went into a dream I was in the first person view and I can see my dream about 85 % visual. I was in some type of woods walking on this kind of mountain I do not know where I was … As I dreamed on I stopped in my spot on the mountain and a bush began to glow like if rays was shooting from it.

As I looked I felt heat from this shinny place. When suddenly I heard a voice says ‘Keep Reading Those Books, You’ll Attain More Insight’ I woke up kind of scared. The next day of May I had a part two to my dream. I was sleeping in my outer body so good that I didn’t wake up in my inner body dream I was scared kind of with my mouth wide looking at this shiny place.

Then the light shined and I seen this man I seen his face and he was black and he looked like me but around the age of 45 or 55 and he had clothes like if he came from the ancient days of Egypt or Israel. His turban was like a dark blue and it was kind of sliding off his head to where I could see some of his hair. He waved to me and I waved back as I was scared I walked away kind of scared when he smiled at me and returned to the light and then I woke up again.

The coolest thing ever is that I read the Old Testament and Ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Native American and Mayan Epics and some Epics on Atlantis. The fact is that these books this voice told me to ‘Keep Reading These Books You’ll Attain More Insight’ was this voice of a man who sounded black telling me that it’s a mystery that they won’t me to understand.