Graham Hancock's : Ancient Astronomers

The Nazca lines in Peru are the biggest drawings in the world. So big, we can only view them complete from the air. Etched in the desert at least two thousand years ago, they must be of a civilization of astronomers. They turn out to be ground maps of the stars, exact representations of the night sky.

Graham Hancock's decipherment of the secret doctrine passed down by initiates from time immemorial unearths an age-old system obsessed with the motions of the heavenly bodies ...
Whose aim is to achieve, through arcane rituals performed in temples whose layout mirror the stars and constellations of the night-sky, immortality.

Graham Hancock takes a plunge into the spirituality of the ancients - to search for the revelation of a secret ...

- a secret written in the language of astronomy, and recorded in the very foundations of the holy sites of ancient man.

- a secret which speaks of a mysterious connection between earth and heaven.

- a secret which turns temples into stars and men into gods.