Star Child Mystery

Starchild Skull Not Human explaining that he had in his possession a skull that extraordinary properties that are not entirely human. The story began when an American girl of Mexican heritage visited relatives in a rural village.

The teenager went exploring and found a human skeleton in the back of a cave. She saw the hand of a second skeleton holding the arm of the first and uncovered a smaller malformed skeleton.

The girl kept both the skulls and kept them until she died. Five years later Lloyd Pye obtained the skull and realized it was very special. The Starchild skull has been tested and appears to be a human/alien hybrid. It is much thinner and lighter than any human skull. Carbon 14 dating has determined The Starchild is a 900 year old skull much harder than any human skull.

Legends of star-beings that came from space and impregnated women in remote villages are common throughout Central and South America. The women have the babies and raise them to six or so when they are carried away by the star-beings.

The Star-child skull has unprecedented fibers embedded in the matrix of the bone. Additionally, there is reddish residue inside cancellous holes. Loydea book is essentially the story of the Starchild and his efforts to discover the truth of its heritage. The book is well written worth reading. Thanks to Lloyd Pye