Star Gate Alien Theory

Star Gate mysteries stretch over the whole world's major wonders. They simply are gates that can take you to a different demension or time zone. Some even say as well as I beleive that they can take you to another planet. Like say if you step in the star gate you will be in another world.

Many theorys of prophet Enoch and the Angels may have came back and forth threw a stargate in the Giza pyramid. The reason thatis a theory of a Star gate being inside the pyramid of Giza because hieroglyphics of every Zodiac symbol appears in it.

Many people have been wondering is that the reason they cut off the Giza pyramid from being entered. If they did find the star gate they would be scared to go threw it. Also they would keep it a secret.

Instead of a spaceshuttle taking a couple of hours trying to get to a distant planet like the moon. Many beleive stargates can take you to inhabitable planets in our galaxy less than a few seconds. This is a mystery that questions many people.