Face on Mars

Jeremiah 10:1 Hear the word which Yahweh speaks to you, house of Israel! 10:2 Thus says Yahweh, “Don’t learn the way of the nations, and don’t be dismayed at the signs of the sky; for the nations are dismayed at them.

Photos of the Cydonia region on Mars have revealed The Face On Mars, The D&M Pyramids (placed to line up with Orions belt) and other Mars anomalies related to Egyptology!

The release of an image on Mars in recent times closely resembles Nefertiti, the Egyptian Princess, and further strengthens the suspected link between ancient Egypt and alien civilizations.

These images were found on the ceiling beams of the 3000 year old New Kingdom Temple, dedicated to Osiris, at Abydos. Images of a helicopter, submarine, plane and hovercraft seem to suggest the Egyptians knew about the technology we are using today.

If you look at the pictures of the resemling humans they look like a Queen and a King. I have heard theorys of the face on mars being a lion of the ancient tribe Judah. Or even the ancient sphinx that predates to about 100 bce designed before the flood, Also the sphinx has mysteries of it being able to talk. It could be a communications device designed by the gods of Orion.