Wireless Engery Grid

13TH LOCATION DISCOVERED!!Energy grids have been founded in the most stragest spot most shockingly right in the location where lost civilizations of the Nephilim and Giants settled thier civilizations I can cleary see Atlantis and Mu!

Maybe these energy grids were used for the electricty in the city of these lost ancient civilizations or could it be so that it was used to recharge spaceships that either the advanced giants had or the 'gods' of the creation of man who came with Yahweh the creator! Does this signigfy that Prophet Enoch was a Atlanteans you can cleary see how a grid was right in the spot of the pyramid of Giza who the prophet Enoch is said to be a modifier and Alchemist of it thousands or years ago. Thoth is said to be this Preist teaching around 35,000 BCE in Egypt.

I know it is giving into the prophet Enoch because a pyramid wrighting said: 'Pa-Hanok' this is egyptian for 'the house of Enoch' so this literally means he had a mystery school in egypt, could this be the schools the Sumerians and Egyptians learned in also the Hebrew prophet Moses aswell! Since they did live in Egypt for 400years!