Ancient Lost City of Atlantis & Mu

Every year some nation claims they have found Atlantis ..Atlantis was apart of West Africa.It was on the edge of Morocco. Lemuria is apart of South America and the Bahamas region...thats another lost civilizations that sprung off after the creation of Atlantis.The giants lived their...they were renowned and advanced such as their nephilim fathers. Atlantis has nothing to do with Greek Caucasian people homer learned about the tale from Egyptian black people.In the epic of Gilgamesh he visited their and said that the gods dwelled their meaning the 'nephilim' 'or anunnaki'.

Gilgamesh also talks about how the gods had a landing place their at (Atlantis) and that the gods would ascend and descend in their Shem's and eagles among the firmaments of the wind... Shem means Fiery Space Vehicle. In the 'The Epic Of Gilgamesh' and do research on Enkidu , Adapa, Etana and Enoch these are all Sumerians survivors of the flood who came from Atlantis ohhh yeah also Noah they all talk about gods taking them on journeys to outer space. Atlantis had a crystal board that would shine in the costellation Orion it was beacon and a navigator for gods who rode in flying vehicles such as the pyramid of Giza same ordeal... Heaven is constellation Orion.

The Old Testament is history of Atlantis also. The Old Testament is the aftermath of the flood and so on...what went on after. Read books such as 'the emerald tablets of Thoth' and the keys of Enoch they were Ethiopians and Egyptians who wrote about visits to their also Enoch and Thoth are the same person he was really Enoch the Egyptians just called him Thoth.