The True Origins of Human Beings

Starting with the Sumerians, the first great culture 6,000 years ago that spawned the Bablylonians, Persians, and Assyrians, through ALL subsequent "Intelligent advanced civilizations" and "non-advanced" indigenous cultures including the American Indians of North America, Mayan and Inca empires of South America, Aborigines of Australia, ancient Chinese and Hindu text scriptures from the Far East, Egyptians, of the Middle East, Dogons of Africa, and the Greek and Roman Gods of "mythology", every culture accepted for a fact that heavenly beings (Or Gods) had created Man kind - homosapiens- (In their own likeness, no less). Some coincidence to be a "myth", huh? To read more about the above mentioned myths, and view petrographs/petroglyphs from around the globe, see our God Spell page.

Native American folklore, where legends of "Star Beings" can be harvested from the American Southwest to Tierra Del Fuego. In story-telling traditions dating back to antiquity, the gods once descended from heaven to impregnate barren females in remote villages. Mothers bearing these strange seeds would then nurture and raise the "Star Children" until the age of six or thereabouts, when the gods would return to reclaim their progeny, leaving villagers staring up into the infinite night. Every pre-christian culture has a similar tale.

The "Missing Link" has evaded science to date. The ultimate enigma in seeking the answer to mankind's most puzzling question: Who are we, and where did we come from? The orthodox explanation, largely derived from Charles Darwin is that humans evolved from apes by way of some intermediate species.

But evolution cannot account for the appearance of *Homo sapiens*, which happened virtually overnight instead of the millions of years evolution requires and with no evidence of earlier stages that would indicate a gradual change from *Homo erectus*. The hominid of the genus *Homo* is a product of evolution. But *Homo sapiens* is the product of some sudden evolutionary event. He appeared inexplicably some 300,000 years ago, millions of years too soon. The scholars have no explanation. But I do. The Sumerians and Babylonian texts do, the Old Testament does. *Homo sapiens*-- modern man-- was brought about by the ancient gods. Read All About It
So Why Not Reveal The Truth? Could You Hande It?

A peek into the mind of government relating to the UFO/ET phenomenon and the processes at work on the community of nations is best described by Dr. Pierre Guerin an astronomer associated with the French GEPAN (Study Group Into Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon). Dr. Guerin feels there is an intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon and it is not human. Governments of earth understand that this intelligence coexists on the planet with humanity. There is a very high possibility that this intelligence is responsible for the creation of humanity. The impact of this truth on the world community if it became widely known would undermine the ability of the nations of Earth to maintain geopolitical order.[27] Dr. Pierre Guerin's reflections if true, compromise humanities evolutionary and historical self-perception and undermines all major human institutions worldwide. Dr. Guerin's views give us insight to the common denominator that allowed a worldwide cover-up of the UFO phenomenon's reality to evolve and the reasons for the continued maintenance of this policy.

Former CIA official Victor Marchetti spelled out indirectly in 1979 everything the American people needed to know about the UFO phenomenon. His reflections are not far distanced from what Dr. Pierre Guerin described as the reason for the coverup. According to Marchetti, "We have, indeed, been contacted......and the U.S. government, in collusion with other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public..."

"The purpose of the international conspiracy is to maintain a workable stability among the nations of the world and for them, in turn, to retain institutional control over their respective populations. Thus, for these governments to admit that there are beings from outerspace... with mentalities and technological capabilities obviously far superior to ours, could, once fully perceived by the average person, erode the foundations of the earth's traditional power structure. Political and legal systems, religions, economic and social institutions could all become meaningless in the mind of the public. The national oligarchical establishments, even civilization as we now know it, could collapse into anarchy... Such extreme conclusions are not necessarily valid, but they probably accurately reflect the fears of the 'ruling class' of the major nations, whose leaders (particularly those in the intelligence business) have always advocated excessive governmental secrecy as being necessary to preserve national security.

If beings from another world did visit our ancient ancestors, those offworld entities would have certainly been included in the legends of civilizations the world over and, sure enough, strange visitors are found in legends and religions from every corner of the earth be it Biblical angels or the warring sky people from ancient India. These "gods" had seemingly magical powers, unsurpassed wisdom and brought special gifts and experiences to those with which they came into contact.

What actually transpired was that the original Mesopotamian writings were recorded as history. This history was later rewritten to form a base for foreign religious cults--first Judaism and then Christianity. The corrupted dogma of the religions then became established as 'history' and because the contrived dogma (the new approved history) was so different from the original writings, the early first-hand records were labeled 'mythology.'

But that would mean challenging the very traditional Judeo-Christian-Muslim concept of "God"!!! No easy task, given the power, properties, money and 'god-spell attitude' presently existing on Planet Earth. Maybe the Buddhists, Hindus, American Indians, Tibetans, Mayan, Inca, Aztec and other theories of creation could also be added. An Intercultural Institute of Evolutionary Creationism - IIEC! Yeah, that's it!

All over the planet, you find the ancient legends and accounts of "gods" from another world who interbred with humanity to create a hybrid network of bloodlines. Many claim that they actually created humanity by splicing their genes with that of neanderthal to make you and I. Certainly would solve the "missing link" debate as the timeline is right on. The Old Testament, for example, talks about the "Sons of God" who interbred with the daughters of men to create the hybrid race, the Nefilim. Before it was translated into English, that passage read "the sons of the gods", plural. But the Bible accounts are only one of so many that describe the same theme.

The Sumerian clay tablets, found in what we now call Iraq in the middle of the 19th century, tell a similar story. It is estimated they were buried around 2,000 BC, but the stories they tell go back long before that. The tablets talk of a race of "gods" from another world who brought advanced knowledge to the planet and interbred with humans to create hybrid bloodlines. These "gods" are called in the tablets, the "Anunnaki", which apparently translates as "those who from heaven to earth came."

The ancient accounts tell us that these hybrid bloodlines, the fusion of the genes of selected humans with those of the "gods", were put into the positions of ruling royal power, especially in the ancient Near and Middle East, in advanced cultures like Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt. Now, 20 years ago, had I discussed this, it would have been immediately perceived as nutty. But now that we've mapped the human gnome, we actually have the same technology that could perform the exact same scenario. We can now fuse genes and make countless new species, and make clones of anything with a DNA strand. Doesn't seem so far fetched anymore, would you not agree?TaDa! Missing link explained! And no donation required!