This Unexplained World

Shifting focus back to our own planet now. Generally when a certain point of mystery in our past is raised, or questions regarding the history of something, the scholars will tell us what happened, in so and so way. And that will get accepted, without much thinking on our part. But there are some things on this planet that are simply too weird for an explanation, and are hence not addressed by these 'scholars.' Here is a small list below, you may do a search to read more on it:

Piri Reis Maps found in Topkapi Palace. This was found in the possession of a Turkish Navy Admiral. It was a map of the world, showing even North and South America and even Antarctica if the ice caps were to be removed. However, the map was seemingly distorted. A startling discovery showed that projecting the map onto a sphere would produce an exact view of how the world would appear if it were seen from a certain distance in space. How did our ancestors get a hold of this?
Straight geometrical lines, some intersect and form trapezoids, in Nazca, Peru. And they're not even roads, because they end abruptly.
Tiahuanaco is a city teeming with mysteries. Here, archaeologists founds an accurate calendar that gave the equinoxes, astronomical seasons and the positions of the moon at every hour. This is from 27,000 years ago. Also at Tiahuanaco, one can find huge sandstone blocks with accurate stonework on it, in seemingly impossible ways. There is also a Great Idol at the Old Temple, and the Gate of the Sun shows 'flying Gods' on it. Tiahuanaco also holds a legend of flying ships from the stars.
Sacsahuaman: Giant Monolith, exquisitely carved and standing on its head.
In Ur, where the worlds oldest books exist, we find stories of "Great Gods" that come in flying ships.
Sumerians were one of the earliest civilizations that apparently appeared out of nowhere. Not only that, they were an advanced civilization: They had advanced astronomy, and estimates on the rotation of the moon that differ from todays calculations by 0.4 seconds. Also found was a calculation with a 15 digit result. The Greeks at the peak of their civilization never went above 10,000. The Sumerians, apparently, also had huge spans of life. They have documented 10 kings that ruled for a total of 456,000 years. The Sumerians also relate a story of how the Gods had returned after the Great Flood. Some Akkadian tablets show Gods connected with helmets and stars. What's strange is that around the stars are planets of various sizes.
Drawing of spirals at Geoy Tepe from 6000 years ago.
A 40,000 year old flint industry at Gar Kobeh
A Similar one from 30,000 years ago at Baradostian
Figures and Tombs, 13,000 years old at Tepe Asiab
Tools, engravings and flints at Karim Shahir from the year 45000 BC
Helwan has a piece of cloth so fine that it is possible only in a specialized factory today.
Electric batteries that work on the galvanic principle are on display at the Baghdad Museum
A 10,000 year old star map in Kohistan
Smelted Platinum found in Peru
A rust proof Iron pillar in Delhi

When evidence such as the ones mentioned above are brought into light, they are usually dismissed. Either the ancient civilizations were extremely advanced (and we've lost all their technology), or they had active imaginations. Yet the existence of these cannot be denied. Just about every culture, somewhere or the other, presents us with the same cave drawings, the same legends, the same flying Gods. Why? If it is indeed all lies, how did all of them come up with the same hair brained idea?