Ancients Coming To Earth

From my research on ancient Sumerian/Babylonian timeline of the Genesis I would place the annunaki first visit around 500,000 BCE. They came from Nibiru and from a planet mentioned in the book of the secrets of Enoch called 'Aravoth which is said to be the throne of the Creator Yahweh. Aravoth in hebrew means ' father of Creation' which was recorded by Enoch the master ascended one, in the first person.

These beings were of the hundreads when they came to our planet after Yahweh creator created it. He Micheal, Gabryl, Uriel and many other hebrew angels came to planet earth some 500,000 years ago.

They landed these spaceships on the foundations of Africa,Mesopatamia and South American. These 200 watchers were appointed in Edin. They dwelled on the mountian of Haran, they dwelled on these mountians to stary away from the simple world. They are those who built the cityof Atlantis in 470,000 BCE. It is the original home if 'Man' and 'Woman'.

But these 200 Wathcers rebelled after Adam and Eve had many kids and when these daughters were born unto Adam and Eve these 200 Watchers ' The Brotherhood of The Serpent' led by Samayaza and many other beings caused these girls to get pregnant and they bare mighty men of renown so called 'Giants'. These giants are the ones who retook over Atlantis and Lemuria in 90,000 BCE.

The war of heaven was caused by Micheal the captian of Yahweh finding out what samayaza and the other serpents did and it caused a battle to break out on Nibiru and other planets in the cosmos of space. Before this war happend Samayaza and the other 199 Serpents who got these girls pregnant tryed to go back to Orion and dwell in the planet Yahweh gave them such as Nibiru acting like nothing previous happend .

They were presecuted and cast back down to the Earth because of them being allowed to stay and run the earth was because of Eve taking from the Tree if Good and Evil.
She took from the tree and caused the personality of Adam to change from Happeniess to misery, He discovered her and she became pregnant and had a child man named Cain.... Another theory goes that Eve was pregnated by a serpent named Enki and his is way Cain was wicked in the sight of Yahweh.