The Mystery of The Sphinx

Was the sphinx a hybrid man that was created by the fallen gods after the creator cast them down to the planet eart. All over egypt as well as mesopatamia they find ancient models of hybrid humans. Half human half animals they are able to speak and walk or was this just pure imagination in the minds of these ancient people.I already beleive the theory of the sphinx being able to talk and it being a sign of the works of Yahweh, That is shewed threw out the star constellations.

Was the Sphinx a man and then when he died the ancient egyptians made a sculpture of him to worship could this even be a theory.Could the sphinx man actually have been a alien being man from another planet that wore a costume to hide his scence and the egyptians seen that so they imatated him and started designing mask and began to ware the mask during thier worshiping of thier idol gods.maybe

He is not the only sphinx A 3 km long avenue of sphinxes connected Luxor Temple with the southern end of the sprawling Karnak temple complex to the north.Could these sphinx play a role into telling were the gods dwell in the heavens just as the same as eastern island and how the pyramids of giza lines up with Orion.