Lost Civilization of Atlantis

Theories About Atlantis
Metaphysical extraresstrial theories,Take two million sizable stones, each weighing several tons and shaped to fit the overall design of the project, set one in place every five minutes and after 20 years you will have constructed the Great Pyramid. Or its facsimile.Just how this edifice, and other pyramids, was erected is one of the puzzles of ancient Egypt, itself a large piece of the puzzle connected to the question of whether the continent of Atlantis existed, as the Cayce psychic readings claim. The authors – engineer, psychologist, and biologist – grounded in the readings as well as science, maintain a decidedly objective posture. “The question our book tries to answer,” they explain, “is whether Cayce’s material was simply imagination, or whether he tapped some source that allowed him to see a record of past events.”

It is not an easy question to resolve. Scientists naturally look askance at psychic information – if, that is, they are even aware of it. So, the authors observe, the readings were not used to guide archaeologic explorations over past decades. Consider, too: Turn back the clock beyond 4,000 B.C. and most scholars, especially those in Cayce’s day, believe it was a time of primitive cultures.

The readings, however, give accounts of Atlanteans, described as a technologically advanced people, having migrated to Egypt – and other locales – over 12,000 years ago. Also, “the readings mention [human] ancestors as far back as 10 million years ago, and high civilizations 200,000 years ago.” Remains unearthed in recent years and carbon dated are adding more credence to the psychic revelations.First published in 1988, this second release of Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited includes an update of discoveries made during the past ten years. Subtle clues and indications seem to be leaning in favor of the Cayce account, but these three writers make no claims. Apparently they are still waiting until all the facts are in.

The authors deserve applause for resisting two temptations that lesser writers might have succumbed to. They temper the treatment of technical details relevant to various scientific facts and explorations; and they avoid trying to document the accuracy of the psychic readings given for other topics to convince readers the information isn’t the product of “simply imagination.” Had they pursued these, this book may easily have been twice its 200 pages, and not half as interesting to read as it is.

Atlantis remains a chimerical needle in a problematic haystack for most archaeologists. Nothing short of the continent rising before their eyes may ever convince them. Meanwhile, for readers who subscribe to the accuracy of the psychic records, the question isn’t whether Atlantis really existed, but when it will rise from its ocean grave, as the readings assured us will happen.Also a theory I came up with is that the sumerians came from Atlantis and they where taking aboard a spaceship mothership by the gods and transferred to this civilization called Sumer that the gods built for these people who survived the flood.