The Yahweh Encounters

A good book to get to see where I go at with my beleif is ' The Yahweh Encounters'
book description below.

Book Description
This astonishing analysis of the Bible reveals that the Scriptures are filled with technological data, and speak of a visitation to earth by celestial beings who created man. Strong evidence is presented that the Exodus tabernacle and the temple of Solomon, with the ark as centerpiece, were microwave transceivers comminicating with orbiting spaceships. "The Yahweh Encounters" also examines Biblical predictions of 21st century technology including orbiting thought -control devices and laser exterminators; a comparison of ancient and modern UFOs; and Biblical descriptions of the horrors of a one-world dictatorship and end-time cosmic disasters, to occur just before the return of Prince Yahshua and the spaceships. Three of the twelve chapters include circuit descriptions involving plasma physics, crystal lasers, ionic loudspeakers, sonic holography, microwave resonators, and twelve six-foot diameter metal dish antennas on wheels. The plan of the construction and operating procedures (rituals) were taken directly from the Bible passages of God's plans given to Moses and Solomon.