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The term 'Ancient Astronauts' generally refers to extraterrestrials who
came to Earth and were in some way responsible for seeding the human race.There are references to these entities in the bible, in ancient art and other texts. They are all linked with myths about creation found in all ancient civilizations. As we search to find the truth behind the illusion, who created the human race, or biogenetic experiment, we look to those who came from the stars, ancient astronauts, creational gods, for our answers. All is theory, virtual reality, consciousness, and for the most part not provable, subject to the interpretation of the researcher or experiencer.

Most of us would love to find evidence of ancient astronauts, be visited by friendly aliens who could enlighten us to our true creational blueprint. Throughout the history of the human drama, we find all sorts of evidence that makes us think, believe, and quest for the greater truth. They are all just myths, legends, and theories.Theories about Atlantis often link sightings of ancient astronauts to Atlantean space ships. This goes to the ancient gods called the Zep Tepi.
In China we find theories about an alien race called the Dropa who left behind fascinating discs.

The Popol Vuh, sacred to the Mayans, unequivocally states, "Men came from the stars, knowing everything, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earth's round surface."

Brazilian UFO researcher Jean Alencar has noted that the mythology of this country is replete with descriptions and statuettes of beings endowed with the power of flight. The legends of Brazilian natives, like those of other countries, detail experiences of gods or travelers from the sky who descended to earth when humans were little more that animals to instruct them in the arts of agriculture, astronomy, medicine, and other disciplines. Alencar points out one figure in particular, Bep-Kororoti, a space warrior worshipped by the tribes of the upper reaches of the Xing River. Not unlike the heroes of India's Mahabarata, Bep-Kororoti possessed a flying vehicle capable of destroying anything in its path. His aspect terrified the primitive natives, until he stepped out of his "raiment" and revealed himself to be fair-skinned, handsome, and kind. He amused the natives with his "magic" until he grew restless for his land in the sky and returned there.

The Chilam Balaam, is even more explicit and states "Beings descended from the sky in flying vessels...white men in flying rings, who can touch the sky."

There are indications that something very strange took place on our very own continent hundreds of thousands of years ago, before humans arrived on this continent (according to the canon of anthropology). Santa Maria Canyon holds evidence pointing toward the existence of a culture of intelligent beings who raised cattle, built weapons, and practiced funeral rites -- one million years ago. If we decide to stick with what academia has to say, in no way could these beings have been humans. Were they survivors of a Race of Aliens? This brings to mind theories of marooned spacemen, or colonists trying to tame a new planet? During the Prehistory Conference held during 1962 in Rome, Dr. W. Matthes presented the oldest carvings known to exist, created by a forgotten artist two hundred thousand years ago, when humans had allegedly just discovered the use of fire.

Discovered by the 19th century French explorer Henri Lhote, these figures were so unusual he dubbed them Martians, explaining their contour is simple, unartistic, and with rounded heads; their only detail is the double oval at the figure's center, which evokes the image we currently have of Martians.

Where we once visted by extraterrestrial beings from another civilization, Did space men visit earth thousands of years ago? We Now have proof.

Was Yahweh of the Hebrews an Astronaut , All over the world there are fantastic ruins and improbable objects which cannot be explained by refrences to conventional theories of archeology, history and religion.

Why are the world's sacred books full of Descriptions of gods who came down from the sky in fiery chariots and who always promised to return? How could and ancient Sanskrit tect contain an account which can only be of a journey in a spaceship, complete with a graphic description of the force of gravity?

What possible explanations can be found for a hige block of rock the size of a four-story house, weighting some 20,000 tons, complete with steps, ramps and decorations? Then what titanic forces could have turned it upside down? Do maps found in seventeenth century really outline the coast of Anartic which withn historical memory has never been free of a masive ice cap?

Ants of the Univere

'The earth's crust was formed about 4million years ago, and all that science knows is that somthing like man exsited 1 millon years ago! And out of that Gigantic river of time it has managed to dam up only a tiny rivlet of 7,000 years of human ceation.....

'We the pargons of creation? took 400,000 years to reach our present state and our present stature. Who can produce concrete proof to show why another planet should not have provided more favorable condictions for the development of other similar intelligences.

'The time has come for us to admit our insignificance by making discoveries in the infinite unexplored cosmos. Only then shall we realize that we are nothing but ants in the vast state of the universe.

In our own way, as multi-dimensional beings, we are all ancient astronauts and old souls. We have experienced in many realities and continue to do so as we sit here reading these words. We are the custodians of these programs.

Keep Reading Those Books' You'll Attan More Insight- angelic beings

In tomorrow's world, men will not need artificial instruments such as jets and space ships. In the world of tomorrow, the new man will 'think' the place he wants to go, then his mind will take him there. -- Sun Ra, 1956

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