The Adam & Eve Myth

The words "Adam" and "Eve", like those of "Yahweh" and "Elohim" do not imply individuals - but races. When this is understood, so much more becomes clear when reading and interpreting the scriptures.

The Serpent Masters are identified with the "Race of Yahweh" and the "Sons" with the "Elohim".

The "Adamic Race", like the original indigenous peoples of Earth were of both genders, although the modified Eves could not reproduce sexually at that time. The male Adams, consistent with their human strain, possessed a foreskin.
Later, it came down in priestly rituals that this human foreskin would be surgically removed as a mark of servitude to the overlords. Circumcision is the ritualized removal of the human aspect in favor of the alien, done to create a subliminal affiliation.

When it is said that Eve was made from the "rib" of Adam while he slept, the reference is again to genetics and bioengineering.

Being "naked" ultimately meant that the members of the hybrid "Adamic" servant would be strictly forbidden to partake of something now referred to as the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" or the "Tree of Life".