Esoteric and Metaphysical Secrets

In my metaphysical dream I once had this voice told me 'Keep Reading Those Books, You'll Attain More Insight", I will never ever forget that day.It happend in May 2007AD

The Sphinx was a monument built to a hybrid sphinx presit who survived the flood of Atlantis or died and was remember by the egyptians who are the remnants of Atlantis, Egyptian gods were orginally presit, kings and queens of Atlantis.

Mayan gods also were priest kings,queens of the ancient civilization of Lemuria [MU]. Genesis means 'Genes' of Isis. Translators of the bible meaning the free masons took the hebrew words and currupted them into a non hebrew beleif or meaning.

The ancient Black Americans who are called Israelites claim direct children of the constellation of Orion, they are the orginal Sumerians and Babylonians. Who are descendents of the Lemurians (Mu) and the Atlanteans.

The name Jehovah was created in 1518 it is latin and is not the name of the God of Israel.The name Yahweh contians the language of light.The langugage of Light is classifed as 'hibiru'. It consist of a electronic magnetic harmaic sound and power.

The keys of Enoch,The emrald Tablets of Thoth,The sword of Moses all these ancient books reveal the language of light and it's connection with ancient beings from other worlds who I consider as angels of Yahweh.

The Nephilim/Anunnaki built the civilization or city of Atlantis and thier children dwelled thier shortly after more ancient civilizations rose from that one. in 1 Enoch Chapter 7 and Genesis 6 it explains this, Tablet 13 of the ancient book of Thoth who was Enoch speaks of this civlization as well.

DNA came from Yahweh he put it into a cannister and flew to our planet with his angels inside spaceships thousands of years ago.

Gilgamesh came from Lemuria [MU] reason I know this is because him and his firend Enkidu a hybrid had to walk across the great sea to see the father figure of men who's name was Utnapishtim, Utnapishtim was the same Noah of the Genesis in the Old Testament.

Mayans claimed they were the remnants of the children of Lemuria [Mu]).they say that the "Giants" built ....... more coming soon.