Yahweh's Temple

Heaven is a planet the Old Testament is of metaphysics, Yahweh and the angels are intelligent scientist with wisdom and superhuman power, The name of God of the Shemites is Yahweh.

They are celestial beings and they live among the stars of Orion, they have a planet just like ours.I believe their planet circles around the sun like star called Sirius.

Heaven is space ! they dwell on a planet and on this planet they have houses and temples on this mountian , and at the lower ends of this mountian it's a beach front of crystal clear water. When you are granted to visit it they have these robotic biological creatures called Greys that say Holy Holy Holy Yahweh.

The creator sits on a high throne he wears linen robes of white, with a crown of gold on top of his head, his hair is wooly similar to black people. On his crown it says his name in ancient hebrew,they smile and have a good time telling jokes about us on planet earth and how wild we act, his son sits next to him. With his name in ancient hebrew on his crown. In the middle of this temple is a large platform in gold. 24 elders sit all around them. When you die you are whole again if you are saved according to the ancient path.

What I mean by whole again is you are celestial again you soul comes out of your earth body and you get your body back clean on this planet in the stars. You go threw a portal when you die, you go to this planet where they dwell you are in the platform and the Creator and the Elders of 24 are speaking to you and applausing you for you good ways and doing the correct will of the Creator. You die on planet earth and you wake up on another planet at a place in the among the stars. The elders also where linen robes and they hold these pens in thier hands and paper and write down plans that the Creator tells them to write.

They give you knew clothes and you help them on thier planet, you will come back to this planet when the Creators's messiah and the angels come back to make apart of the kingdom on earth. Also to reunite with your missed family members on earth.

The angels who we know of work in a temples and a military bases they are the ones who travel here in spaceships. They look just like us , they work on many other planets that are out there.

When they are here they dwell among the mountians Psalm 68:17.
They could be around us we will never know because they dress like us to blend in.
The angels have many different types of Job's but there Job usally consists of helping us or realising plagues to change our minds of the evil things we do by putting fear into us not to do it.