Star Born

We are all starborn, starseeds, created from the same source.Your soul is a tiny spark of light.It spirals out from the creational source of light.It innocently searches for new realms of adventure.It spirals through a matrix of grid patterns in many frequency dimensions of its universe stopping then branching off at different levels of experience.

When it spirals into third dimension it divides in half to balance the polarity of the physical world.The two equal parts are now the male and female aspects of itself.In the cycles of time and linear perception, all souls have begun their return journey through the spiral stargate of creation.

As they spiral higher they remember who they are,
how they came to be in this experience,
and how they are all part of a Master Plan.

As Starseeds reach higher levels of awareness frequency
in the spirals of consciousness,
they long to go HOME to that which is their creation.

Star Seeds miss the higher connection and feel incomplete with the third
dimension. Often they feel alone and separate from their surroundings.
Eventually the Earth plane becomes a foreign place to them, making little sense.
They begin to distance as they WAIT for that which they know is about to happen!

They link with other aspects of their soul experiencing
in other realities thought of as other planets or realms.
The concepts of star ships, intergalactic travel, varied psychic phenomena
and sentient life forms in other galaxies, are natural and logical to them.They help other souls who are seek to spiral their
consciousness to return to total awareness.

They have a feeling of mission

The Return to Source

Unity - Infinity!