Reptillian Hybrid Priestess

My theory is Before Noah’s flood around 90,000-35,000 B.C. E., mankind lived to be nearly 1000 years old, and they had the intelligence much greater than our intelligence of today. They used 100% percent of their brains…

Think what a person could accomplish under these conditions, having a useful life span of hundreds of years. Science and technology would advance very rapidly. Machines and other devices would rapidly become extremely sophisticated. All fields of science would progress with astonishing speed. In fact, we, today, are just now approaching the level of technology the people enjoyed before the flood.

During these ancient times, there were mad scientists (angel-demons) and their children the (Giants) who cloned anything they wanted. - (Genesis 6) the mythological Greek-mythology animals were real; they were genetic experiments produced by these 200 Anunnaki and their children the giants.

Just as men are doing today, before the flood the Giants of Genesis 6 were experimenting with DNA, genes, and genomes. They were trying to create life, to create clones, just as people are trying to do today. They were cloning and biologically engineering many of the life forms that Yahweh created, and they were very successful at it. They were successful at it because they were two thirds god and one thirds men. This is the term ‘When Knowledge of the Gods was lowered to earth’ the reason it was lowered was because

……... angels got earth woman pregnant’ below shows proof of this genetic hybrid race of giants....

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. - Genesis 6:4

The ‘Giants’ forced the indigenous people out of their own establishments and forced them into total submission. They used the indigenous people for controlled experimentation of biological D.N.A. cross breeding manipulation.

Perhaps some of this cloning and genetic engineering got a little out of hand, and creatures (hybrids) were produced that raised havoc with other on the adobe of the earth. The ‘Giants’ would take the D.N.A. of a human and mix it with the D.N.A. of an animal then they would genetically manipulate it. The Egyptians worshiped hybrid creations that these advanced giants who were advanced in technology created.

Egyptian sun gods such as Ra, Thoth, Anibus, Sekhemet, Osiris and many other Egyptian sun gods were the result of some of this cloning between animals and man it was genetic engineering manipulating designed by these ‘Giants’ who were called ‘ The Gods’.

This is the reason the flood came……..

In the apocalyptic books of the Hebrews, Moses’ father tells of a vision which he seen before the birth of Moses.

- [I saw Watchers] in my vision, the dream-vision. Two men were fighting over me, saying...and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, 'Who are you? That you are thus empowered over me?' They answered me, 'We have been em-powered and rule over all mankind.' They said to me, 'Which of us do you choose to rule you?' I raised my eyes and looked. One of them was terrifying in his appearance, like a serpent, his cloak many-colored yet very dark... And I looked again, and...In his appearance, his visages like a viper, and [wearing... exceedingly, and all his eyes...

(Apocalyptic fragment of Amram)

Moses’ biological father Amram is describing human men whose D.N.A. was crossed with animals. Men with Bird heads and men with Reptile-Serpent heads, Amram is completely describing hybrid beings that the giants created. These creations were told by the fallen angels children’s that they were the watchers of the world. This is more proof that the Egyptians were in fact actually worshiping hybrid creations who survived the flood which is recorded to have happened in 12,600 BCE.

And on earth shall be monsters, a generations of dragons of men and likewise serpents.-(Clement: Apocalyptic Fragment)

And I commanded another demon to come before me. And there came before my face thirty-six spirits, their heads shapeless like dogs, but in themselves they were human in form; with faces of asses, faces of oxen, and faces of birds. And I Solomon, on hearing and seeing them, wondered, and I asked them and said: "Who are you?- (Apocolyptic Fragment of Solomon)

These 3 apocolyptic writings prove that these demons or creatures the hebrews would meet sometimes were the hybrids that the giants created 35,000 or longer years ago at Atlantis and Lemuria.

In The Babylonian Legend of Creation which is recorded to have been written over 10,000 years ago or more, we read: Men with bodies of birds of the deserts, human beings with faces of ravens, these the gods created and in the Earth the gods created for them a dwelling…. In the midst of the Earth they grew up and became great, and increased in number.

The Flood of Noah is the accounts according to the Sumerians and Babylonians you read of a being named Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh. He is describe as also being as hybrid being created by the ‘Giants’ of Atlantis.

The second tablet tells us of this figure, Enkidu was created by the goddess of heaven, Aruru. <--- meaning a woman giant in my theory...

Enkidu is described in great detail. His whole body was covered with hair; he wore skins, ate grass in the fields, and drank at the same watering place as the cattle. He also disported himself in the tumbling waters.

The Greeks took these stories from the Mesopotamian's and added into their own philosophy much later down the line.