Did Mayans Worship Aliens

My theories is that the ancient Mayan’s believed that their godly predecessors came from the constellations Pleiades and that the stars was inhabited. The Mayans built temples to these gods so they could worship them. The pleiadians Kukukalkan and Quetzalcoatl were said to visit the ancient Mayans ascending in metallic fiery Spaceships. They would land the crafts on top the temples they built for the them.

When the smoke settled the star gods from the Pleiades Quetzalcoatl and Kukukalkan would step out and were said to teach the Mayans architecture, mathamatics, writing and reading. When these gods mission was fulfilled they would step back into their spaceships and descend back to constellation of the Pleiades. Promising to come back to visit the Mayans.

The serious theory that gets my attention is that these gods are described as looking exactly like us. Also that they flew spaceships and came from another planet. The mayans seen somthing or some one coming from outer space to build a whole temple.