Alien Hieroglyphic

Whilst we were visiting various Egyptology sites recently we came across this picture that was taken inside the Tomb of Ptah-Hotep, at Saqqara, Egypt, which dates back to the 5th Dynasty. The picture shows servants offering food to the Egyptian sage and Philosopher Ptah-Hotep (who is sat at a table to the left of this part of the picture). Ptah-hotep served during the reign of Izezi as a sage. His maxims are in the Prisse Papyrus which are in the Louvre. Izezi was the eighth king of the 5th Dynasty and ruled Egypt from 2388 till 2356 BC.

We were flabbergasted to say the least when we took a closer look at this image and could make out an 'alien grey' in the bottom of the picture! Does this prove that the building and placement of the Pyramids were aided by alien intelligence?

We have only been able to find the three images of this picture that you see here and have learned that this particular wall mural does not appear in any official guidebooks!... I wonder why? This same mural is in an old book called 'In The Shadow Of The Pyramids - Egypt during the Old Kingdom'.

The implications of the discovery of this ancient stone picture that includes the alien are absolutely huge! and could be one of the most important clues to alien intervention into our ancient history ever made!

We have included an enlargement of 'The Grey'. This picture could explain why the Egyptians appeared to be so technically advanced, and how they were able to build the Pyramids with such precision. For instance the coffin in The Great Pyramid was cut so accurately that we could not even recreate a similar coffin out of rock today - even with our laser technology!

It also ties in with the Egyptians infatuation with Orion. The three Pyramids at Giza have been proven to line up exactly with 'the belt' in the constellation of Orion (Discovered by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval). We also have to remember that Betelgeuse, which is a star in the Orion constellation has been suggested in ancient history as the home planet of aliens that have visited Earth.
"The most beautiful thing one can experience is the Mysterious. It is truly the basis of all Arts and Sciences".
Albert Einstein