Odyssey of The Gods

Best-selling author Erich Von Daniken turns his attention to ancient Greece! Von Daniken's exhausting research suggests the Greek 'gods' were in fact extraterrestrial beings who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago.

Archaeological evidence and the writings of the ancients, including Aristotle, prove these gods interbred with humans, performed genetic experiments, and bred 'mythical' creatures, such as centaurs and Cyclops.

For anyone interested in Greece, extraterrestrial encounters, or the untold story of civilization, Odyssey of the Gods is a fascinating and revolutionary interpretation of ancient Greek sites and legends. Odyssey of the Gods explores evidence suggesting:

The oraclar site of Delphi was an aircraft refueling station. Jason's pursuit of the golden fleece was in fact a search for an essential aircraft component. The ancient cities of Troy and Atlantis were one in the same.

The city was destroyed in a war between aliens or their descendants. What we now recognize as 'Greek myth' is in fact history. Thirty color photographs support Von Daniken's statements, making believers out of the most skeptic readers.