Keys of Solomon

A divine ‘secret’ – perhaps once included in the genesis records of many great civilizations – has been hidden for millennia. The origin of the Solomon Seal and the hidden secret within the Solomon Key – two invaluable pieces of history's enigmatic records, have been kept secret for far too long. The same secret you will soon bear witness to appear to have been encrypted into the legacy of many ancient civilizations. Their most sacred artifacts and monuments invariably show evidence of it.

However, more often than not, collections of historical texts fail to make clear mention of the Solomon Key secret. Why? It included records of something that did not fit into the dogma of war mongering, manipulating societies. It would firstly prove that we are all the children of those that came from above and secondly it condemned war and slavery.

Humanity has proven it has never ever thought along these lines.

For as long as civilization has existed, tradition has dictated what its people should believe without free will. In many instances, from century to century, leaders have taken it upon themselves to influence the interpretation of the sacred records brought to civilization by those that once came from above. Leaders throughout history have commanded allegiance to their dictatorships by creating a God-fearing society. This was the only way these systems of governance could work.

One must wonder how many of the original texts were altered to make them more palatable for their kingdoms. A difficult question to answer! However, if this really happened why should we be forced to follow tradition and pay the price of our ancestors’ misguided intentions and be deprived of this knowledge? More importantly, whatever happened to all the texts upholding the sacredness and sanctity of human life and happiness? With the disappearance, removal and omission of what appear to be many crucial, original and sacred teachings, civilization has been slowly slipping back into destructive chaos.

The Solomon Key secret was probably discovered during an epoch where religion had changed considerably. So much so that the revived knowledge would not fit the tradition of the day and would need to be hidden. Since the time when the Solomon Key was supposedly discovered, the secret of Solomon has remained surrounded by mysticism. Throughout history religious figureheads have tried to keep its contents a tightly guarded secret. They needed to devise a means to take firm action against those that were found delving into its meaning. In all likelihood the Solomon Key contents was intentionally embedded into destructive manuscripts on witchcraft.

A society governed by religious convictions would no doubt allow extreme action to be taken against any individuals found in possession of forbidden manuscripts.

They would be burned at the stake.

The timing for the release of the Solomon Key secret is NOW.

More recently, some exciting new discoveries have been made that will facilitate the deciphering of its meaning. For the first time ever all the mechanisms are in place for the Solomon Key to stand a chance of being considered as valuable knowledge. Thanks to a much-awaited event, its large-scale exposure will be ensured. Why? Because it will be this event that will be remembered for bringing it to the table! However, there is no telling whether he who is bringing the Solomon Key to the table, will be able to do justice to its crucial meaning.

What is more, given the sensitivity of the subject, and its implications to humanity, right now the famous author working on its imminent exposure may be experiencing unforeseen holdbacks, even interference. No doubt there are powerful and influential elements out there in whose interest it would be for this secret to remain hidden.

However, if all goes uninterrupted, the release of the Solomon Key secret in its entirety (with important reference links) will mean the exposure of a legend that will no doubt turn out to be one of the most popular chronicles of its time. It will be presented under the ‘cloak’ of fiction by one of the world’s most famous authors: Dan Brown

It is rumored that his forthcoming book’s title could be The Solomon Key by Dan Brown