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Canada should be the ancient home of the Inca with cut, trimmed and transported monoliths everywhere.

Canadian provinces should contain MORE standing stones than England and northern France. Mountain ruins of intricately cut (lasered) and moved (anti-gravitated) blocks that cannot be duplicated by today's state-of-the-art they exist in South and Central America...should cover the Canadian hillsides.

Imagine what Canada SHOULD be if history were correct: Snow-covered, massive, stone monoliths that defy our wildest dreams among great forests that have grown over the millennia. That is not the case; there is not even an arrowhead in Canada. Canada tells us history is wrong.

A truer picture of history is a NORTHWARD migration of Indian from the Peruvian Central American pyramid-builders and, down the tech-spiral but geographically 'up' the map, to the simpler (less advanced) Old West Indians.

The movement of Indian Civilizations over time was NORTH, not south as schoolbooks report. Indians also became LESS advanced over time.

Teepee Indians had pyramid-building ancestors. This is the exact opposite of the always-progressing, technical curve that we are traditionally taught.