Spaceships of the Pleides

I already found out that Billy Meier works was a hoax , But it's a pretty good view to actually see how that the creator could make contact with us , and how he really could bring own his spaceships for us to view, If you have a connection with Yahweh.

Like the Prophet Yahweh Hebrew Israelite brother, I beleive he is in contact with Yahweh beacause everything he does he teaches you how to learn it also. Also he is a real cool person to learn from , I mean he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the truth.

You can hate him all you want to. What I don't understand is how when he needs help people wanna say he is trying to fruadalise people. But when a Christian needs money, it's ok and all people help the Christians out. Thats one thing I can not stand about this pagan religion called Christianity, Thats ok because real soon the Angels of Yahweh will come down in Spaceships and shutdown that cult.