Space Is The Place

Astro-black mythology

In the first scenes of the film SPACE IS THE PLACE a spaceship from an idyllic planet sets course for the Earth. Sun Ra is in command. From behind his keyboards he pilots the music-driven ship and its crew, The Intergalactic Solar Arkestra, first to Egypt and then, across deserts, mountains and cities, to the United States. Sun Ra has come to our planet with a mission: the salvation of the Afro-Americans. His ship offers them the possibility to leave the Earth and to build a new life on Saturn without the interference of whites. The Earth is doomed, the arrival of the musician is an omen of the Apocalypse. When his ship lands and The Arkestra, surrounded by pulsating laser beams, set foot on our planet, a prophesy is fulfilled and the end of time has come. 'We work on the other side of time', Sun Ra explains.